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  1. 8-bic

    Simpsons Mafia

    Yes!!! This is phenomenal. Plus, Homer did technically own the Broncos back in '96...
  2. 8-bic

    Simpsons Mafia

    I'm a huge Simpsons fan so naturally I love this. I really like the use of lizard queen Lisa! Be cool to see a series of these; the Simpsons would look good in Broncos' royal blue and the old school D logo... just sayin...
  3. Like the colors, love the concept. I'm from Colorado and have to admit I had no clue what a hurricane warning flag was -- I was confused at first glance when I saw a Canes concept where the primary was two D's stacked on top of each other. Maybe square the two warning icons and give them just a tad more separation. Nice work so far though.