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  1. Appreciate the constructive criticism, ultimately that's the goal in doing the entirety of the NHL I feel the more deigns I make and the more I can tweak and alter my designs based off of technical criticism the better my concepts will get, and it's technical advice like yours that is the key for me to improve! So once again thank you.
  2. I think it's something you could play around with, potentially try throwing around a tealish blue see if you can't get the best of both worlds.
  3. Boston Bruins: This set is heavily inspired by the the Bruins 1991-1992 alternate uniforms. For the alternate sweater I decided to dust off the 2009-2010 winter classic look giving them a light off white based third with a modern twist. I designed a second version of the third jersey that is shown below, I wasn't quite sure which one I liked more so let me know!
  4. Wow, I appreciate the extensive breakdown, I'll play around with your suggestions and see what I can make out of them, I believe the more teams I've done the more finished my quality has become so a lot of the technical issues are beginning to resolve themselves as I go through the series. Comparing when I started with Anaheim to my most recent teams the consistency and quality are really a world apart now.
  5. Arizona Coyotes: Bringing back the Kachina in a big way with this set, the Kachina pattern is so individual to the Coyotes identity it feels like featuring it more prominently gives the team some individuality rather than having their current more basic look. The Alternate sweater in this set is actually based on the jersey that the Kachina Coyote is wearing and it's a good way to get the Coyotes a purple accented look while also maintaining a more quaint professional style.
  6. Anaheim Mighty Ducks: For this concept, I decided to bring back the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, I've never been a huge fan of the new Ducks branding and I really appreciated the Ducks retro third jersey, that's what this concept is really based around. I brought back the hated Anaheim script as a third because I've never personally thought it was as bad as people made it out to be.
  7. So during the current stay at home order in place I've decided to sit down and take a crack redesigning the NHL's uniforms A-Z. This is some of my first concept work I've ever done in my 10 years of designing as a hobby so I would love some constructive criticism to help me refine my skills. The template that is the basis of the entire series was created by Avi S. and Ryan H. (No relation) and edited in many cases to fit my need for the work I wanted to do, that template can be found here. My presentation for the concepts was inspired by a few redesign series I stumbled across browsing the forums credit to those series for giving me some direction on how I wanted to show off the work I've done. That being said, with the way I want this series to go I made a conscience decision to not include gear when redesigning the teams, I found adding gear cluttered my presentation and made it look too busy, my focus is only on the sweaters. Now on to the actual designs.
  8. Pats color rush is by far my favorite so far, keep up the great work on the series, excited to see where it goes.
  9. I think maybe adding some black or even brown accents would help to differentiate from the MSU similarities you mentioned here.
  10. Absolutely fantastic work, can't wait to see more.
  11. Fantastic work so far, however there are a few areas in which I believe there could be some improvements to the overall design. #1. Incorporate shoulder patch logos into the jersey concept directly, adding in a shoulder patch logo to a majority of the concepts you've made will bring the feel of the concept to a more finished and completed look. #2. Add team logos to the pants and helmet, once again using logos on the helmet is a huge part of a uniform for a team, it also presents opportunities for use of alternate logos that may have not been able to be used on the front or shoulders of the jerseys allowing for further design choice and concept creativity. #3. Some of the jerseys seem to be just re-hashed versions of jerseys worn by teams in the past just different colors used to redefine their look. I think using your proposed color schemes in a completely new original design could make for a consistency throughout the jersey. As you won't be battling with a teams previous identity to make it look individualistic.