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  1. The helmets and pants should be white.
  2. It should be made Federal Law. White at home, dark on the road, one alternate to be worn a limited number of times. No alternates in the playoffs. This law should apply to all sports except football. Where teams may designate between their white and dark sets what is home and road. The madness needs to stop.
  3. To me it doesn't get better than 92-97. That may be my nostalgia brain though.
  4. The Brown's home uni with white pants was made for 1pm window games imo. Looks great on a bright sunny fall afternoon.
  5. I'd wear the orange pants for any prime time game home or away. I think they look better under the lights.
  6. The helmets really should be white, and they should have white pants on the home uniform. These are close to being good, but they are just bleh. I like the move away from early 00s striping and side panels, and I like the new number font. The callback to the classic shoulder striping is nice too.
  7. It made me sick to my stomach to see the Hurricanes in Whaler Sweaters.
  8. I just don't see the need to change the helmet. The gradient numbers might be my least favorite uniform feature in any sport. These are worse than the Falcons.
  9. I always thought the white Celtics uniform was more iconic.
  10. You could also instead of bringing back the stripe shoulders, lose the orange piping around the collar, and replace the sleeve and pant piping with a subtler, more narrow version of the rainbow stripes.
  11. I love the Nordiques unis. Never really liked the logo. If QC ever got a team back do you think they call themselves or go something new?
  12. I wish the Astros would use that wordmark on their current Home uniforms. I love the wordmark they currently use as the wordmark for a road uniform, but I think the home wordmark should be a little flashier.