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  1. I am a #1. And with my jets.. a #1 on steroids.
  2. old wordmark logo in the new oval and using the new sport green (gotham). Imo it was all they had to do to the primary logo. (As to no ones surprise I hate the new one they use now)
  3. Oh yeah I know. I just think they should’ve tried to adjust to the times in 2012 when the Nike changeover happened with a more accurate template
  4. Exactly. Pre-reebok also used the same elastic material for the bottom stripe that made it look far more vintage as well. (Even though they still messed up the striping above the numbers)
  5. No matter how many times I look at them... I still get upset.
  6. Wish I could ask Parcells and the design team why they went so dark. I’m sure it was just a late 90’s influenced decision based on every one else being in muddy colors
  7. last thing about the classic jet uniforms.. reebok & Nike really messed them up.(Nike more so with the color issues). loved the original starters that included the thick band/cuff stripe on the sleeves that was much more accurate to the Namath era design. Once reebok took over it just defaulted to cuff piping. this was a detail that disappeared over time and ruined the uniqueness of the stripe design.
  8. Never!!! Lol I feel like I’m in the minority of jets fans (most don’t seem to care).. but I’ve been particularly bothered by this new uniform. I’ve been at every home game since 1997...(‘What do you want, a cookie?’) and they just don’t look like the jets. I understand the green helmet has a place in the team’s history, but the NEW YORK and angled Nike wings all over the uniform put me into a bit of rage. the set they wore against the colts in 2018 was the best they’ve ever looked (since Nike took over at least). Use the sport green (Gotham green) on this template, tweak the stripes.. and it’s the perfect New York Jet uniform. The grey facemask makes me a little giddy it’s so beautiful. ok rant over feel free to berate me
  9. jets were the kings of facemask swaps. Green, white, gray AND chrome green used in 2018.
  10. fingers crossed the jets do as well...
  11. I'm puzzled with why they got rid of the previous color rush. It was so popular and fit the Browns brand well. But overall... great uniforms. Now I'm sad to see the old jets unis in this pic.
  12. Sure hope it doesn’t last. I put up a post on a popular jets Facebook page about missing the old uniforms. Id say it’s 90/10 in favor of going back. The only people who comment about loving the new ones seem incapable of talking about it without using flame and firework emojis. and to the above post by sport. Completely agree. They’d be far more accurate to the Namath era. i also loved the white helmets. The painted stripes made them very unique. (As only 2-3 teams have painted stripes in the nfl)
  13. Yeah that’s what I meant by a little color tweak. If they used a brighter green on that template and tweaked the stripes... perfection
  14. Watched 2011 cowboys v jets last night... Man do I wish the jets stuck with their classic uniforms. Little color tweak and it's an all-timer. Loved the gray masks that they wore v colts in 2018.