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  1. Love all of them especially the stars on the home kit.
  2. Gold: 4 Silver: 12 Bronze: 7
  3. I like all of the uniforms for Houston. I wonder though, what if for the blue alternate, you brought in the tequila sunrise design, and than put the star with the H logo instead of the regular star, and then your new Houston word mark. Just an idea for a sort of "updated" one, and since I don't have the design chops, I have come to you!
  4. Really like the Sacramento logo, but the font on the Phoenix one is off to me. It looks to..... playful?
  5. Clean an crisp. The best that you could ask for a from scratch team.
  6. KC Wiz 10/10, but I think maybe if you enlarge the diamonds to go behind the sponsor logo, that would be a little bit better.
  7. Both looks are tight but i'm kinda disappointed by the third kit. The space theme could have gone much harder with like a galaxy stripe or something. Anyway they are still good. Love the second kit.
  8. Great kits, especially the Burn fauxback.
  9. Alright yeah I can see that. Fair.
  10. Home and away kits both look nice, but is there any meaning behind the third?
  11. I wish football kit concepts were more popular here! They can have some outlandish designs that look really cool. Oh, nice job on the Valencia kit by the way.
  12. The Atletico third kit is very well made. I mean, one team has to have a pink kit right?
  13. Secondary is a ridiculously good kit. All the other kits look 10/10 as well.
  14. The tigers needed the orange look, great job!
  15. I agree with what they said, but with the monument on the shorts I think the second kit would look better with the flag treatment