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  1. Mets black jersey or im gonna riot
  2. Personally I love the "Memorial." I love the all orange and the old font, but the gold seems a little out of place with the color scheme. Maybe a white or more orange would look better?
  3. Gold: 13 Silver: 10 Bronze: 2
  4. Gold: 13 Silver: 11 Bronze: 4
  5. Im crying over here that this is all coming to an end. This has been a 10/10 concept series. Presentation, template, those little schedules, it's all been amazing. Definitely going to be on the lookout for new series from you. Great work!
  6. So im kinda confused. Are you taking the league and continuing up to 2020, while updating logos and moving teams?
  7. The yellow really makes it pop! I like how you removed the spikes as well.
  8. I feel like you could have done more with the flag kit. The Portland flag has that cool stripe design that you could have incorporated into the home kit, but I really like the ripple design on the home.
  9. I quite like the seismograph kit, but could you explain to me why you took the sharks colors?
  10. Gold: 10 Silver: 2 Bronze: 13
  11. This is the second best kit collection yet! (I still love NYCFC) The second kit is gorgeous, but the sleeves on the third kit are probably the smartest thing you have done in this series yet!
  12. I think the tufts of hair should stay on top, but get rid of them on the bottom and square it off. Like it's being cut off at the neck.
  13. Very nice! You're right, the white star stands out more, and the sunrise really pops against the Navy. Very well done!
  14. Btw Im talking about the blue alternate, not the blue uniform in the Cooperstown collection.
  15. Yeah I can try to elaborate. So take the blue alternate that you created, and then put the tequila sunrise design on the bottom like with the throwback. Keep the word mark the same, maybe move it up if you have to, and instead of the plain blue star that is found on the throwback, replace it with the modern Houston logo. The 3d star with the H in it. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a modernized version of the tequila sunrise uniform, but you don't have to do it. After all, it's your concept!
  16. In think it's good that he didn't do that. Kobe really didn't have big enough role in the MLS to warrant a whole kit.
  17. Love all of them especially the stars on the home kit.
  18. I like all of the uniforms for Houston. I wonder though, what if for the blue alternate, you brought in the tequila sunrise design, and than put the star with the H logo instead of the regular star, and then your new Houston word mark. Just an idea for a sort of "updated" one, and since I don't have the design chops, I have come to you!
  19. Really like the Sacramento logo, but the font on the Phoenix one is off to me. It looks to..... playful?
  20. Clean an crisp. The best that you could ask for a from scratch team.
  21. KC Wiz 10/10, but I think maybe if you enlarge the diamonds to go behind the sponsor logo, that would be a little bit better.
  22. Both looks are tight but i'm kinda disappointed by the third kit. The space theme could have gone much harder with like a galaxy stripe or something. Anyway they are still good. Love the second kit.
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