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  1. What have they choked besides the CBJ series? In the past 7 seasons they're 2-2 in conference finals (with one ongoing) and 1-1 in subsequent Cup finals. Those are good numbers
  2. Of all the league cancellations from covid, the CFL was the saddest. Glad they are back
  3. This logo makes me laugh every time lol it's so stupid looking
  4. Vegas. Tampa and New York seem pretty interchangeable in terms of viewers they'd bring in
  5. Tampa Bay-New York is just the second semifinals rematch in the last 20 years (LA and Chicago in '13 & '14)
  6. the crest looks like half an ear
  7. why does St. Louis always get the worst names in these alternate football leagues
  8. Primary logos too. We're now up to 2/9 without a letter/word in the logo!
  9. The antlers seem a bit understated on the helmets. Elks have gigantic antlers, the decals could be bigger and heavier. I prefer the EE logo on the helmets, but the antlers are fine, and unique.
  10. it would be Opposums, unless they're gonna relocate to Oceania too
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