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  1. Red vs red matchups are always nice. The Bucs' darker shade of red and dark pants contrast so well with KC's brighter look
  2. You literally said "I don't even really notice them anymore". Either way you're defending gigantic ad patches lol
  3. Well if you don't notice those gigantic CFL jersey ads I don't know what to say haha. I guess some people just won't put up a fight until the ad is the size of a soccer jersey sponsor.
  4. At least they're all wearing colored socks. Only bad uniform as far as early games goes is the Falcons imo
  5. I see CFL and NBA fans wearing jerseys with ads in them all the time
  6. This is always said about on-field sports advertisements and it is very bizarre to me because it is an argument in favor of the millionaire advertisers. An acceptance of intrusive advertising solely to make millionaires richer at one's own expense. Not calling you out specifically of course, just a comment on the common pattern I always see when more and more ads get put in sports. Also the helmet ad would be prominent and eye-catching every time a player is shown in close-up, which happens multiple times every minute.
  7. This shade of blue is much easier on the eyes
  8. That's the 1960-62 AFL Texans. The 1952 NFL Texans were unrelated. They played as the Boston/New York Yanks/Bulldogs from 1944-1951, became the Texans, then went under after one season in Dallas and the assets were given to a new Baltimore Colts franchise, though neither the Colts nor the NFL considers the Texans to be part of the Colts' official history
  9. what is wrong with college football programs these days
  10. the Rams are an embarrassment. this is one of the worst uniforms of all time
  11. Well I meant Big Four teams. Also the Spirits of St. Louis were named after a plane which was using Spirit as in the disposition, not a ghost