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  1. Yeah and a lot of Rams fans like their new uniforms too. I don't really see your point here, people disagree about sports jerseys and I'll keep holding my opinion while they hold theirs
  2. Fun for me is never seeing those abominations mentioned again, let alone worn. I don't know why you're taking this so personally, it's simply a jersey many people don't want to see again. And for the record, the new Wild Wing is somehow even worse than the trash they wore in the 90's. I don't think the Peyote jersey is in the same ballpark as the other two.
  3. Good on Lou and I hope the fisherman never sees the ice ever again
  4. I hope the orange jersey is the primary home uni and the black is a 2-3 games a year thing
  5. 1977, 1986, 1987, 1989. Each a bigger blowout than the last
  6. Eagles had a pretty nice one too
  7. ABC better find some proper commentators and a production team that isn't run by midwits by the time their spot in the Super Bowl rotation comes around
  8. Yeah that's always been bad, I was thinking of this on their black helmet
  9. Now that's a mockup I'd love to see
  10. What I like about the tiger head logo is that it faces left unlike every animal head in the NFL except Philly
  11. Pretty lame his last two seasons were with no/reduced fans and ads on the unis. Might've had a long shot at 700 homers with a full season last year too, or at least at eclipsing Roidriguez. Either way it's been a hell of a career and I hope he gets a good sendoff
  12. They should use those shorts for the away uniform