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  1. You were right I reread it a bunch and after the 15th try I finally understand that we notched another W against racism by pretending the word "clan" has racist implications.
  2. What is it with MLS teams and being as boring as possible
  3. Glad I dropped this team after they left town and got embarrassed in the Super Bowl. I'd be really annoyed if a team I rooted for trotted these out. Now it's just funny
  4. Good grief they had Northern Lights AND Voyageurs as finalists and they still went with Wild??
  5. I love when teams add something to their uniform to commemorate a championship. It should be more commonplace imo
  6. Yeah other than the numbers, name tag, shoulders, and helmet, that pic looks pretty good
  7. Not a fan of MLS naming conventions so Archers is the only one here that's any good imo. Always thought it was long overdue we had a sports team with that name anyway
  8. Or when Washington unveils their NL Pennant
  9. only helmets I can think of that are worse are Carolina and Tennessee
  10. pre-approved platitudes chosen by multi-million dollar operations to make sure they get the right kind of PR will save this country. the revolution will be televised and brought you by Ford. Built Ford Tough
  11. Powder blues just look worse across the board with the modern, baggier style uniforms. One or two teams can still make them work, but the days of everyone looking good wearing blue are long gone. I don't mind the attempted renaissance, though
  12. this looks great for a goofy indoor football league imo