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  1. That's a big improvement IMO, I really like it.
  2. Speaking of Ball State, really liked their look. Best uniform for a football team nicknamed the Cardinals? The only change I'd make is to have the pant striping consistent with the shoulder striping.
  3. I like this as a start, and the Texas outline + initials logo is well done. Regarding the new lobo logo, the nose / eyes area feels awkward. It's hard for me to articulate why, other than it looking "off", but it's possibly due to the right side of the nose (specifically the upper portion comprised of the vertical black lines) feels disproportionate to the left. I can tell the logo is intentionally not symmetrical, but the strong dissymmetry in that area makes it looks ... disfigured maybe?
  4. Here's another one, this time the Northwestern Wildcats. I started on this one because their current logo looks like a relic of the time it was created (1980s) and I felt that it could use updating. I liked Under Armour's faux-Gothic wordmark for Northwestern, and thought the 'N' could make a great starting point for an updated logo. To make it stand out a little more as a standalone letter logo, I thickened the 'N' and added a drop shadow. Regarding Northwestern stripes, it seems like it'd be blasphemy to create a Northwestern uni concept without them, but I was surprised to learn that the current chest striping was only introduced by UA in the 2010s - historically, those stripes have primarily lived on the outside shoulders of the jersey. Thus, I placed them to the shoulder rather than replicating UA's new pattern. I also struggled again with the usage of black. This time it genuinely is not an official school, but it has also been used heavily by the athletic department since at least the 1990s. I left it out here, for no good reason other than a preference for the simplicity of using only purple and white. I won't make any claims that using only purple and white is the 'right' choice.
  5. At least Akron made a good effort with their set, helps balance out Kent State:
  6. I generally like the simplicity of Washington State's uniforms, but for the players who tripled down on all crimson with the knee length socks / tights, it's not a great look IMO. Strange Santa's elves vibes.
  7. Interesting. I always assumed the letters were always the same size and they would adjust the spacing between if they were tight on space, but maybe that's not the case.
  8. Ah, it makes sense then. After my initial surprise wore off, I actually really like the look.
  9. This is minor, but hard for me to ignore now that I have noticed it: the Panthers have inconsistent nameplate lettering, specifically, some players have letters infilled, others don't. For example, the 'B' and 'R' in Bridgewater are infilled with the border color, but the 'B' and 'R' in Burns are not infilled with the border color (i.e. you can see the blue in the interior space).
  10. Turns out, the Block S is only on the right side, the left side is logo-less / blank. Not sure why.
  11. I don't mind at all, in fact, I'll always appreciate something like that! And yeah, I clearly need to improve my research - someone there pointed out Tolbert wore #40 in college; I'm a Panthers fan and (incorrectly) assumed he wore #35 since that is what he wore with us.
  12. I just want to say I appreciate the feedback, both positive and other! Concerning the Jets, I'm still ideating on what form my V2 would take. You're right, I flat missed the black being official - I remember coming across the fight song which only referenced teal and bronze, and then afterwards I apparently misremembered whether or not I actually confirmed if black was or was not an official color
  13. The strong non-symmetry is messing with me, although I know that's the current aesthetic. Specifically, I think having two oversized logos on the same side, one top, one bottom, is overpowering. I think Boise can get away with a single oversized logo, but doubling up with another oversized logo feels too unbalanced. I do like that you're embracing that unique aspect of their uniforms though, rather than trying to force them into a more standard template. Also, I wonder: could the diagonal striping that we see elsewhere on the uni be applied to the blank side of the helmet to give that some sort of identifying visual element?
  14. Next up - Coastal Carolina! Why? They've recently become a trending team in CFB, jumping out to a 4-0 start and reaching the AP Top 25 for the first time ever Their current logo / uniforms seemed to be ripe for a redesign opportunity Now, to summarize the changes: I based the concept around the crescent moon from the South Carolina state flag Using this visual framing gives the logo both a unique, easily identifiable visual, while also creating a strong tie to the state itself I adjusted the colors currently used by the CCU athletic department CCU's official school colors are teal and bronze; I left the teal as is, but lightened the bronze to create a better contrast with the teal Black is not an official CCU school color unless I'm missing something, but it's currently heavily used by the athletic department To balance this, I added a black alternate uniform (which does work thematically with the moon visual), but otherwise dropped black from the logo / unis
  15. I like the template, but I agree, on the garnets unis, the black stripe isn't contrasting enough to have it be the primary / thicker one. I assume they're going for consistency with the helmet where the white are the secondary / outside stripes, but I think it'd look better (and more consistent with the numbers / lettering), if we had the white inside with black outside striping. I do think it's exacerbated by having black helmets and garnet pants: a splash of white would have likely done a lot to balance out the look. In its current iteration, it has a mid-2000s aesthetic to me, and not in a good way: