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  1. Looking for the Maryland terrapins font used in their M logo Logo example Thanks a lot for any help
  2. I know it's been posted about using www.whatthefont.com - but the forum there is also full of great font identification help http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/forum/
  3. Awesome... Perfectly done. I don't think the missing shell is an issue - I probably wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it. The white on green is best, mostly because I think it most clearly shows your great work. Good point about the "T" needing to be changed so they are both the same - otherwise - perfect
  4. I've posted this incorrectly before - so I thought I'd post it in the right place this time and see if any of the resident font gurus could help me out - looking for the Oscar Myer font - or somethign fairly similar - thanks for any advice or help!
  5. Sorry - meant to put this in the "Name that font" section
  6. Anyone know what this is and if it (or similar) is available? Thanks
  7. OK - I'm on a PC and I have Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1 -- in there I can print sample font sheets, but some of the fonts won't print or show up garbled. Any suggestions for fixing this in ATM or any other good programs for printing font sample sheets? Thanks
  8. Tarkan


    Sweet! Looking forward to it!
  9. Awesome - can't add more than has already been said - it's so similar in idea to the original, but it just shows how incredible some tweaking can make something... and the original wasn't bad either...! Quick question - what is the font forthe numbers and lettering? I like it's simplicity, but also has a stylized feel - great baseball numbers IMO
  10. Tarkan


    Oh - also - I want to do a Denver Broncos one with Terrell Davis - but pictures are surprisingly hard to find... Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Tarkan


    OK - I thought I'd give these a shot and try the CFL request - tough to find very big pictures of Casey, but I think this works pretty well. Casey Printers -- wallpaper
  12. Ugh - sorry - but I don't like those gold Colorado State helmets at all... gotta stick with their current ones - they are are awesome as is
  13. Thanks Edge for the reference - I like your helemts - very cerative and gave me some ideas - I love seeing people just go nuts and get creative. I'm glad I got the input from people - it's definitely going to improve my design. I got a deal on some pocket-pro style helmets that I'm going to modify and add our league logo too... So thanks again! Any other C&C is always welcome and greatly appreciated.
  14. *bump* Any other C&C? I've put in a little time this week implementing some of the ideas here - thanks again for all the input. Hopefully I'll have more time this weekend to finalize some of the tweks.
  15. Was doing some reorganization work on my fonts, and just thought this might be an interesting topic to throw out there.... We'll see if I'm right...