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  1. @LA Fakers+ LA Snippers + @jbird669 + @neo_prankster + @ralphz All good suggestions. I've been caught up with some things, so I haven't been able to work on the Jaguar revisions, but those'll be coming soon.
  2. @neo_pranksterHmm. Silver could work. I personally prefer gold since it's one of the elements of their shield. Might add it to the list to revisit once the whole series is over.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Florida's cats get some capes So I'll admit the Jaguars were one of the last teams I did. So coming up with a totally unique concept was getting a little more difficult. The first thing I decided upon was the helmet script. It actually had a lot to do with my own artist limitations in terms of being unable to create a new jaguar logo. Then I remembered seeing the Creighton Jays script helmet a while back and felt like a four-letter script logo would fit with the era. Next and maybe more controversially came the "capes" on the jerseys. Originally a ridiculed element of the mid-60's Steelers uniforms, I always had a soft spot for it. If anyone actually reads these - could use some advice on how to avoid the clash of the "cape" with the name plate on the home jerseys. The cape didn't seem to have a sharp enough edge without the black and making the name white blended in too much with the tan. Lastly, the alt logo. I cheated and recolored an old style University of Missouri decal. I felt too guilty to put "Jax" on the helmet, but I think it's nice as a secondary mark. Next up - the Atlanta Falcons feature some jersey feathers. References / Inspiration
  4. @ralphzThat's actually a really good call on the helmets. It definitely differentiates them from Washington's look. Also the front direction instead of back to front makes it feel less attached to Native American canotations.
  5. Alright, so I took a stab at two different variations based on some suggestion. @Bomba Tomba I'd argue the gold is different enough from the Steelers' yellow to differentiate it, but I get the concern. Maybe the purple jerseys will assist with that. @LA Fakers+ LA SnippersYeah, I had originally gone with black as the primary jersey color to more align with actual ravens. But perhaps purple is a better base. I tried it with both the gold numbers and white numbers.
  6. Baltimore Ravens - birds of a different feather The Ravens' design for Major League Football is another fauxback set as the team obviously didn't adopt this identity until the moved from Cleveland until the mid 90's. The jerseys themselves are rather straightforward. The biggest change to the uniforms and pants is the elevation of gold as a primary color. A bit of a departure from the Raven's actual look, but it seemed era appropriate. The number font replicates the thinner Bears' style numerals. Two-tone shoulder loops complete the jerseys. But the focal point is the feather helmet decal. It's borrowed from the Washington franchise, but repurposed for a team that's actually bird centric. Stripped from the context of the Washington franchise's problematic name, the feather decal is one of my all-time favorite helmet elements. I tried a few different color combinations for the helmet, but the only thing that seemed to make sense was a purple and black feather. Next up - another fauxback set for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they feature a controversial shoulder element. References / Inspiration
  7. @_DietDrPepper_That's fair feedback. I think I'm personally partial to jerseys with contrasting sleeves and shoulder loops/UCLA stripes. They'll be common throughout the series (if they weren't already). I'll definitely add the single-color jerseys though as variation to try out. I think the biggest thing I wanted to alter about the original '76 jerseys were those sort of awkwardly thick sleeve stripes. And thanks for the kind words on the palm tree alt logo.
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - creamsicle crew shines in Florida The idea for these jerseys are pretty simple: bring back the Bucs signature "creamsicle" color scheme. It differentiates them from all the other teams in the league. The soft orange and white is just a great combo. So those are reinstated with contrasting sleeves. The striping in the socks and end of the sleeves is also adjusted minimally. The helmet logo ditches the winking swashbuckler in favor of a more simplified skull and crossbones on a football-shaped outline. A secondary logo featuring a flag waving fiercely off a palm tree is added. And I actually really like the font adopted for the wordmark. Long live the creamsicles! Next up - the NFL version of the Baltimore Ravens feature a feathery motif. References / Inspiration
  9. Washington Admirals - naval commands gets in on the Battle of the Beltway We begin the second half of the Major League Football series with a brand new identity for the Washington squad. It could be argued that exchanging a racially insensitive moniker for a militaristic name is still problematic. But it seemed era appropriate and was sort of a loose play on the farcical Washington Generals' name. The idea for the identity began with the interlocking WA monogram logo. The horizontal stripes and stars are meant to reference the District of Columbia's flag. On the jerseys, the gray hue and the drop shadow on the numbers is supposed to replicate numbers of naval ships. Other elements are inspired by painted lines on the decks of aircraft carriers, while the shape of the angle sleeve stripe is supposed to vaguely resemble chevrons. Overall, I'm really happy with how these turned out. It's the only team that was completely overhauled. There's definitely a heavy dose of influence from the Naval Academy's recent Navy-Army game uniforms with a dash of the AAF's San Diego Fleet. Let me know what you think! Next up - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers return to their creamsicle origins. References / Inspiration
  10. @neo_pranksterYeah, there's something about the colorful uniforms and hats that's kind of a refreshing change from the normal black and white.
  11. Major League Football Officials - unified, yet distinct looks for officials So this entry is a bit of a bonus as we've hit the halfway mark through all the Major League Football teams. It felt right to include the uniforms of the crew officiating the games. This probably doesn't make the most logical sense (like most of this series), but again borrowing from the model of Major League Baseball in this era, the officials for each league get distinctive uniforms. I couldn't resist including the AFL's red-orange referee's jersey. The template for each uniform is based off of the design used by officials in the first two Super Bowls, with the NFL version in the concept being an almost exact replication. There's something about the simplicity of it. The contrasting sleeves to present the official's number is straightforward and something modern jerseys have sort of replicated. I really like the contrasting caps with the white crown and black visor. Adopting the modern protocol of distinguishing the referee from other officials, all other positions wear a dark hat with white pinstripes. The AFL version is identical, just with the red-orange shade dominating. When it comes to the Super Bowl, my ideal would be to have a mish-mash of the different colored uniforms on the field at the same time, identical to the MLB. So is this a good idea or should it be black and white zebra stripes across the whole league? Next up - we kick off the NFL South with a brand new look and identity for the Washington gridiron gang. References / Inspiration
  12. @neo_pranksterYou know, I hadn't really considered them. I think with blue pants the set would look pretty similar to what the Bills had in 1973 and I was just never a fan of that look. Contrary to how I've felt about some of the other recent designs in the series, I prefer seeing the Bills in a clear, white look, helmet to pants.
  13. @_DietDrPepper_ So I definitely realized the similarity to the Patriots set. When I did the 32 teams originally, the Pats were one of the first and the Bills were one of the last. That I think gave me some cognitive distance and the fact they're now in different divisions gave some artificial separation. That being said, some changes were in order. I first reworked the jersey stripes to duplicate what they actually wore. Not too bad. It was carried over to the socks. I also tried out the red helmets. Personally I was never a huge fan of the red shells. I think the Bills look better in white. But I also get there's a soft spot among the fans given the success the team had during that era. Red lids would have definitely made the Bills stand out from the Pats.
  14. @NicDBI may wind up going back and revisiting some of these, like the Dolphins. I'll put the Packers under consideration as well.
  15. Buffalo Bills - The buffalo is finally free to roam Much like the Browns and Chargers, the Bills' current uniforms are a return to one of their iconic looks from the past. There's not a lot that needs or deserves to be tweaked. The one thing that always has sort of irked me with the Bills is the charging buffalo logo. The angled, running animal itself is great. The blue streak depicting motion always bothered me. So here's my take on that logo with the bar removed. The other minor tweak is mixing and matching jersey stripes from the Bills' early years. Probably unnecessary to deviate from the actual stripe design used currently, but I felt like I needed to make a change besides the helmet. Better? Worse? A mixed bag? You tell me. Next up - a bonus set at the halfway mark to represent the third team in every matchup. References / Inspiration
  16. @DNAsportsA prime example of just how much jersey sleeves have shrunk over last 20-25 years for all players except quarterbacks. Interesting how the Steelers haven't made any tweaks, while the Packers have proactively reduced the stripe to just one white bar. The Steelers' lower white stripe is practically nonexistent on their current sleeves.
  17. @LA Fakers+ LA SnippersSo I gave the green sleeves a try and they actually looked pretty good. I actually them to what I originally had. @NicDBAnd I gave the green pants a shot with the original road jersey I had. An improvement from the all-yellow look, but I think I still like the green sleeves a little better.
  18. Green Bay Packers - The Pack undergoes some minor road revisions If there's any team that signified excellence in the 60's, it's the Packers. Vince Lombardi, three NFL titles and wins in the first two Super Bowls are pretty solid credentials. The success in that era has cemented their home jerseys as iconic. And they are. So to even consider altering them felt wrong. However, as I've had to do with some of the other classic teams, I felt a little less guilty about trying some tweaks on the road jersey. The main inspiration was the more simplified striping on the Paul Hornung road jersey below. The contrasting sleeves added a little more yellow. It might be a bit much, but..."in for a pound, in for a penny." The sock stripes are updated to match the road sleeves. And the Wisconsin outline on the football player is returned as a secondary logo. So are the Packers a little too sunny now? Let me know and thanks for looking. Next up - the Buffalo Bills finish off the AFL North with a fix for the better (?) on the team's helmet logo. References / Inspiration
  19. @_DietDrPepper_ Alright, alright. I'll admit - the white pants on the road set does look better. I still don't like the orange pants, but white is a lot more improved over the brown.
  20. This is a really cool concept. I've always had a fondness for endzone diamonds. Of the designs you posted, I personally prefer the gold design with the hashmarks for the Packers and the Saints design with the black diamonds in the golden endzones. I suspect a traditional franchise like Green Bay would probably opt for the more minimalist design. But I agree that the Saints have felt a little black-heavy with their uniforms in recent years. Looking forward to future posts.
  21. @_DietDrPepper_Yeah, I kind of backed myself into a corner again like I did with the Dolphins. Personally, I've never liked the Browns in orange pants, especially on the road. And mono-white felt too washed out. But I think between the two, I'd probably go white pants on the road. @LA Fakers+ LA SnippersHa, thanks. Wasn't my intention, but I'll take it. I really liked that '46 jersey and it wasn't until I was done I realized the drop shadow was very reminiscent of that horrible recent Nike era.
  22. Cleveland Browns - the shadow of the team's origins are on display Pardon the very clunky pun in the title, but as you can see - the biggest change for the Browns is the addition of the drop shadow the jersey numbers. I had always associated them with the Jim Brown-era plain white block numbers, so the look from their inaugural season was a bit of a shock. I inverted the colors on the home numbers and made the direction of the shadow consistent across the home and away jerseys. Other than that and the addition of the brown pants to the road set, the uniforms remain pretty true to the 60's. Count me as one of the casual fans that was very excited last year when the Browns returned to the traditional sleeve stripes. They're simple, yet uniquely different fromthe pseudo-Northwestern style the Packers, Steelers and Bills have made popular. The elf returns as a more prominent secondary logo. As much as I love the elf, I couldn't find a way that would have been era-appropriate to add it to the jersey. And the helmet had to stay pristine. Lastly, I really like the rarely used end zone script, so that was applied across the full wordmark. Minor tweaks overall, but the Browns have never looked better than this classic template. Next up - the Green Bay Packers get a minimal road revision. References / Inspiration
  23. Chicago Bears - minor updates for the Monsters of the Midway Like a lot of teams in the NFL North, the Bears have had one of those timeless looks over the years. Their uniforms have become a classic due to their consistency. It was tough to come up with any significant changes, so I went back through the team's uniform history. The team's primary helmet logo is reverted back to white (which was correct for the era) with a thin orange outline. The home uniforms stay pretty accurate to what was actually worn with just the jersey numbers being made orange and the TV numbers staying white. The alternating jersey and TV numbers are carried over to the road uniforms. The sleeve stripes are maintained from the actual jersey, while the shoulder stripes are taken from the team's 1936 set. It may seem a bit archaic, but I like to think it's one of those features that became synonymous with the team and stuck around for decades. Finally, the road uniforms are paired with blue pants as the actual mono-white look from the 60's felt too bland. Improvements for the better or did I go too far with change for change's sake? Next up - the Cleveland Browns maintain some of the features from their origins. References / Inspiration
  24. @NicDBGlad you liked the tweaks to the Denver helmet. It does look a lot better and actually better aligns with what the team actually wore from the 70's through the early 90's. And yeah, I also agree on limiting the orange. I'm kind of stuck because I do agree with the critique that there was too much white in the home jersey to differentiate it from the road jersey. I really didn't want to do aqua pants with the aqua jerseys since I hate that monochromatic look. So orange was really the only option. But I'm not fully sold on it. One other option would be go with a grayish dolphin hue, but that also doesn't seem to work for a team from Miami. Might eventually be back to the drawing board.
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