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  1. Still learning illustrator so admittedly the logo is something of a work in progress. Also attached are Home, Away, and Alternate uniform sets respectively. Any thoughts are appreciated! http:// http:// http:// http://
  2. Not sure if you've updated this template/made new ones since, but I've been playing around with this one for a few days and cannot for the life of me change the DENVER on the front. The template is great! I'm relatively new to this stuff & could use some help on this, not really sure what to do. I double click it & nothing happens, though I can move it around just fine, can't change the actual word.
  3. First draft of a logo for the fictitious Albuquerque Mountaineers, along with a typeface for them. The Mountaineers are a baseball team. I had the idea to put baseball stitching in the background on each side of the mountain, but decided against it, at least for now. I plan on taking this further, with more logos and uniforms eventually. Thoughts? http://
  4. Updated the circle logo again, made all edges sharp & changed the eyes a bit again. http:// Just put this one on a plain back: http:// Worked on this new one all last night: http://
  5. Secondary http://
  6. UPDATED! love this a ton appreciate the help http://
  7. I think this looks a lot better, thanks. Changed the eyes a bit as well. http://
  8. McC_Jack

    Concept Logo

    First time using Illustrator; really wanted to make sure i don't make a penguin that looks "cute". Want to take this further but not really sure what sport this team would play yet. http://
  9. appreciate the comment, i think im going to need to give illustrator a go soon for logo design
  10. Yeah i think the hat particularly just looks thrown on top of the M, but again I'm new, ill get better lmao. I definitely played around with the # location but ultimately liked the idea of the # being in the same spot as the M on the logo. http://
  11. This is my first real shot at a uniform concept. I'm very new to photoshop but I think now is the best time to learn, as I've been infatuated with uniform design since I was young. I didn't want to just copy/paste the Mavs logo from the 80s & 90s so I did make my own version of a very similar logo, but I admit I was more focused on the uniforms than creating a logo.
  12. striping on the helmet looks much better than the stripes on the shoulders/pants to me
  13. Will you be doing anything for the yankees?
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