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  1. I love almost everything about Portland except for the number font. I think with the word mark on the front it great but the numbers don’t really match. Good job
  2. This entire series has been great. A huge undertaking creating a unique identity for each team. Great job.
  3. Tbh we all want to have a good team. Look at the mariners. It would be great if the made it to the playoffs and brought the blue and yellow back. Doesn’t mean it’s happening.
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect. I like how the third is different but fits in great.
  5. I really like this color scheme. The logo is solid and so is the number font. I feel like the helmet is lacking something, but can’t tell what. I also like the way blue was used, and wish it could have been used more.
  6. This is great. Probably the best attempt at the yellow alt I have seen for them.
  7. The home and away are great! Especially the shoulder stripes. I don’t really like the color rush though. I think it is too much grey. And the classic is classic. Good work
  8. This is great. Your cities time and time again are great and this is no exception. I don’t really like the classic, but I don’t think it is what you did to it.
  9. LOVE the thunder. Their current look is very outdated and I really like this direction for them. The raptors are a great mix of their uniforms throughout their history. My only thing is nitpicking but the purple isn’t really a city. Keep it up
  10. The spurs are 10000 percent better than they are now. My only thing is you should have kept the font on the city the same and it still would have been original and different. The hornets are amazing as always, the city especially. Keep it up!!
  11. Good start. I think that it works really well with the set that is already there. I especially like that you didn’t use that same template that the h/a are in, but made it a true alternative choice.
  12. Oh wow. The ravens are great. I love the sleeve design. I don’t like the color rush that much, but I am not sure what else you would do for it. Keep it up!
  13. Good start. A pretty straightforward division, but good execution.
  14. The magic are amazing!!! I don’t know if they are the best yet tho, because they have all been great! Keep it up!