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  1. I actually do hate it! It's BFBS just like the "Miami nights" hideous black uniforms that the Hurricanes use. I'm a longtime FSU fan and although I'm mostly a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms, I have to admit that I love the current uniforms (other than black). The tribal patterns on the sleeves and the collar is very fitting and sharp and I love the number fonts as well. It's an upgrade to the Bobby Bowden era uniforms and one of very few Nike designs that gets a thumbs up from me. I really don't have strong preference for white or garnet numbers - both look good to me, but many fans prefer the white, it seems. To me, this is a great looking college uniform. The white numbers are fine as well:
  2. I don't know...those all look pretty damn good to me. The Steelers gray facemask would match the logo on the helmet with the gray outline. The Vikings would absolutely look better with a gray facemask provided they ditched the ugly matte/satin helmet they currently use.
  3. Ugh, I hate that word "clean" to describe anything uniform related (no offense to you, it's overused) but yes, the white helmet is way better than the red. I hope the Bills do not change a thing with the current uniforms. The only change I'd be okay with is the facemask changing to white or blue even though I love the gray.
  4. No one should hate you for having an opinion. That's the fun of this message board. Getting rid of the gradient would be a huge improvement. Do that and get rid of the goat horns and crescent moons in favor of non-segmented horns and it's a huge improvement. One could still nitpick the number fonts, but hey, at least their not alarm clock numbers ala Tampa Bay prior to this year.
  5. The blue facemasks look sharp. So do the white and so do the gray. I'm not trying to be diplomatic, but the bills look great with any of those three. I generally don't like white facemasks unless the helmet is also white. If it's any other color and there is a white facemask, the white facemask looks like cheap plastic to me. Since the Bills primary color is blue, the blue facemasks look fantastic. On a side note, I love the Bills current uniforms and I love the throwbacks as well. I hate when the Bills wear red, but I'm a big fan of their look otherwise.
  6. I don't know that I personally would rank them that high but I do agree that those pants are beauts. I'm speaking of the color rash pants which appear to have a bit brighter shade of purple (I think, but not sure). Those pants should be standard with the white jerseys. The gold/mustard coordinate on the pants and jersey. I'm generally not a fan of white pants, but they should ditch the black pants in favor of these when wearing the purple jersey. Also, ditch the black jersey. The leotards are horrendous no matter the team. If Baltimore used this combo along with the combo mentioned above, I think they'd be pretty close to great. They would still need to ditch the "B" on their pants, the "B" on the helmet and they'd have great uniforms.
  7. Agreed. The current Dolphins logo is generic and boring. The shade of aqua they currently wear is a bit too bright and looks more like you'd see in an assortment of highlighters. The throwbacks are superior in every way. There is absolutely nothing dated about that look and it was unique and fitting for south Florida. Here's to hoping they eventually go with the throwbacks on a permanent basis. The only tweak I'd make is to match the striping width on the pants to those on the helmet.
  8. I absolutely hate everything about the Broncos uniforms. The logo, the striping, the colors...awful. I hated those uniforms when they were unveiled in 1997 and hate them even more now. The Broncos, Eagles, Falcons and Dolphins badly need to switch to throwbacks on a permanent basis. As someone else pointed out, I doubt the Broncos ever change due to winning Super Bowls with that dragon/robo horse logo.
  9. The Steelers are my team. I agree completely with you about the color rash uniforms. I can't stand them either. I thought the black pants might look good with the white jerseys, until I saw this picture on Reddit: After seeing that pic, I have to say I'm not a fan of the Steelers wearing black pants at all. My preference is to never see them again, but I know that won't be the case.
  10. I'm guessing there won't be many who agree with me here, but regarding these reverse retros, I really like the Devils and Kings and I wish those uniforms would be permanent and primary.
  11. Disagree and I don't think Jacksonville SHOULD be in any discussion for best uniforms. Not by a long shot. The current uniform set is too minimalist. About the only thing they got right with the redesign is the helmet. The lack of stripes on the pants are a terrible choice and the jerseys look weird with that teal piping. Another design where Nike crapped the bed and somehow the team approved the crappy look. Ugh. The Steelers are my team since I'm from the area and they are my second favorite uniforms in the league next to the Raiders. I'm definitely not a fan of the color rash uniforms, although I wouldn't mind the black pants with a white jersey to be worn on the road once or twice per season, but even at that, I would still prefer the classic look.
  12. I can only because I consider the Falcons to be the absolute worst uniforms in the NFL and to me, it's not close. The Rams uniforms are very disappointing, however, don't get me wrong.
  13. The font doesn't bother me much and certainly doesn't bother me as much as gradient numbers, segmented horns (goat horns and crescent moons), and especially the bone uniforms. If the Rams changed to the exact uniform in the pic, I'd be very happy with that look in place of the throwbacks.
  14. I actually prefer the gray. For the most part, I don't like white pants and I abhor all-white uniforms. I want to see the team colors. There are examples of white pants that look good, for example the Indianapolis colts. I've always hated the all-white NY Giants uniforms more than most all-white uniforms. The gray pants should always be worn by the Giants. It's a huge improvement.
  15. Please dear God, no. NO. The RoboPen/Pigeon/Hummingbird should be left in the past and recognized as the huge mistake that it was. As a Penguins fan, I hope to never see that logo again unless I'm watching clips of the Penguins from the '90s. I hate that logo, I hate the striping on the home jersey. Absolutely awful. I like the white version of the gin-n-juice days jersey. but the "PIttsburgh" script needs to be a big bigger. As someone else pointed out, the jersey design in that pic looks like a cheap Chinese knock off jersey.