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  1. I'm completely with you there and my guess is that it will happen. The Falcons easily have the most hideous uniforms in the NFL right now with way too many combinations, as well. Each of them ugly as sin. The Rams uniforms have problems too, mainly the gradient numbers and helmet having goat horns and crescent moons.
  2. This whole thing has been a scamdemic but if that's the only way we see the NFL again, I say bring it on.
  3. For the most part, but not exact. They wore those in the early '60s along with a gray facemask and the logo had "Steel" not "Steelers." As a throwback, I guess those are fine. It's not a throwback to an era of success, that's for certain. In general, I abhor white pants in the NFL. There are a few exceptions. I'm not a fan of the yellow helmet, either. I'm not averse to those uniforms worn once or twice per year if the NFL lifts the one-helmet policy but the current home and away sets are perfection and shouldn't be messed with. The Steelers color rash uniforms seem to have many fans, but I don't include myself in that list. I don't care for those uniforms.
  4. The Steelers are my team so this concept gets not just a "no" from me but an emphatic HELL NO. Especially to those awful white pants. The Steelers uniforms are in a handful of teams that have iconic status and therefore shouldn't be touched (Raiders, Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Chiefs are 49ers are all in that iconic class).
  5. Good move by the Coyotes. The only change I'd like to see is change the black to a sand color and the uniforms would be a home run.
  6. The Falcons uniforms are now the worst in the league. There's nothing here to praise. Matte helmets not only look like garbage, but they are also passe. The logo is awful and it's oversized just to remind you how bad of a logo it is. As for the jerseys - the font,"ATL" and striping are crap, crap, crap. The striping on the pants looks terrible and I don't like the socks not having stripes. How could Nike design such crap and then have the Falcons think that's a good look? It's baffling to me. The next good re-design that NIke does will be the first. These Falcons uniforms are an atrocity and an embarrassment.
  7. The colors are fine, but the horns are far from fine. All I can see is goat horns and crescent moons. While the uniforms turned out to be "meh" the one thing that should not have been altered was the helmet other than the shade of blue. I'll never understand why Nike and the Rams decided to go with segmented horns. I don't know which is worse, the segmented horns or the gradient numbers on the home jersey.