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  1. Mod Edit: Outside fantasy and simulation league advertising is not allowed.
  2. Good point, When do you think Liberty will join a conference, NDSU is a elite program nobody talks about, so I think they go in the Big Ten.
  3. What a helmet design, nice work on our super bowl 38 opponents!
  4. Hate the steelers but this looks fantastic! 3rd option is the best option! Coming from a Pats fan.
  5. He already said Vancouver and Kansas City, Welcome Coltfan!
  6. Funny enough, the last 2 teams you posted were the teams that played in my first experience at a hockey arena, we were in Montreal, but we live in Houston.
  7. Nice work, do you need any help on n Vancouver and KC?
  8. Thanks! Could you do a vs against each team?
  9. Could we have some uniforms for this team please?
  10. Fantastic! Red wolves is the best option to keep traditions alive, but could you do a vs with every other team?
  11. The w one is fantastic!
  12. This is looking interesting! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!
  13. Always have! PM me the designs please, I can look at them and give you critique to help you finish with the perfect design.
  14. If I am not mistaken, you have Nashville and Vancouver to reveal, with Dallas and Kansas City needing updates, not trying to rush you here, but when do you think you can upload concepts next?
  15. Take your time, I’m not rushing you, just a suggestion.
  16. This is going better than the other thread, both unique ideas and I can’t wait to see what the r*dskins become!
  17. Hey, have been following this series for forever, but please change the Oaks name to the Buckeyes, that is the state tree, just a request to represent the state better.
  18. Funny idea. Nice execution as well.
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