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  1. Good luck for your next topic, PM me for ideas, I have some fantastic ideas you might like!
  2. All the teams looking fantastic so far!
  3. My town! Great look, this feels Houston to me.
  4. This isn’t sarcasm, City of Angels is a unique nickname and not a lot of people expect it to be a name of a soccer team!
  5. You planning on a Boston team? Massacre is a good idea for a name!
  6. Gold: 2 Silver: 6 Bronze: 3 Such a good set of retro teams!
  7. Looking good! Is this a baseball only concept series, or will you do designs for other sports?
  8. This was finished on my birthday! Fantastic set as usual from you Wideright, this was the one that started it all!
  9. Can't finally wait for the last wave of teams, each team is fantastic!
  10. Sad to see this one come to an end, why not the ABA next? By the way, each set looks spectacular!
  11. Every post looks fantastic, keep going at this project!
  12. I thought you stole the amaroks from somebody! Either way great start and can’t wait to see what’s next.
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