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  1. Great seeing fans here! Have been watching this guy for a while, I am glad to say #BumbleRumble!
  2. Dallas?! I thought Oakland would be the location, never Dallas! Nice design never the less.
  3. The reference to St. Louis is something I would keep honestly, never saw that until Htown1441 referenced it.
  4. That format looks amazing! did you make that yourself?
  5. That would be badass! Coming from a rockets fan by the way.
  6. Wisps look good! Nice start to the series! I would start with the champions and work my way from there. #FearTheNight
  7. Another what if well done! I can’t wait to see what’s next!
  8. Boat-like theme for San Diego. Ogden Raptors, Utah Raptor influence. Provo mountaineers for the mountains near Provo. Medford Blazers, short for Trail Blazers for some ideas.
  9. Today, slightly off topic here, the marble league began with event number one! Happy Father’s Day everyone!
  10. What if is popular right now, you nailed it in the head so far with your designs!
  11. I think otherwise about the hammers, nice expansion teams though!
  12. Sad to see this one come to an end, this was a fantastic series and I would love to see something similar from you soon.
  13. Like what you are going for, but there are problems. The boat should be the main spotlight of the logo, remove the W, it's honestly distracting, and this thing looks like a 90's logo, modernize with the times. I'm not trying to be rude here, but this thing needs a overhaul in order to be a good logo for a team right now.
  14. The team is based off of Seattle, just named Washington because that's the name of the state.
  15. This is the final season of the league's existence?
  16. you can go to ahsports to hopefully see these teams in an alternate history if you want to!
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