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  1. Birminingham's uniforms are very simple, but I think that's what they were going for. They wanted similar to the Raider but not that similar. Only thing I would do different id put the secondary BI logo on the Helmet.
  2. I thought the same, but it was on there page.
  3. I looked for this but didn't see it on here. I found this on the Iron FB page. .Is this there actual uniforms?
  4. You are probably right on that, but a man can dream lol
  5. I was thinking wouldn't some of these designs look good in the AAF? San Antonio, Orlando, and Birmingham should go with these, and let the rest of the league figure theirs out among the others.
  6. I was about to say that. Did they name the Georgia state stadium as the place where Atlanta is playing? It makes sense.
  7. Wow looks underwhelming.
  8. I thought the exact same thing. This makes no since for them.
  9. I say Birmingham Al. They were an original team and will have a brand new stadium by 2020, hopefully. The proposed seating for the stadium is 45,000 permanent seats, with an additional 10,000 temporary seats,. to make full capacity 55,000.
  10. Not 100 on topic but Birmingham Al has been looking to jump to Triple A this could be a shot.
  11. The Rams helmet looks amazing but the gold on the jersey looks out of place.
  12. these were there primary set towards the end of the previous run.
  13. well if it was an old mask it was not see through so the Bull came through the mask..
  14. only thing I know it is a bull face in an old style goaltender mask. I have a put a logo concept in the concept section trying to update it too.
  15. Since the announcement of the official of the Birmingham Bulls to the SPHL yesterday. I decided since they are still using the old logo, that I would try to see if I could update the logo some, but keep the same style of logo. it's rough but I think you will get my idea. Would love thought about it, or if you have better logos go for it .
  16. The Birmingham Bulls are trurning to the SPHL Art Clarkson the owner that brought them back in the 1990's are bringing them back now.
  17. I saw this picture on fb today and I thought I would love to have Bama where this. Am I the only one?
  18. It's a rebrand of the Alabama Outlawz from another league that folded.
  19. New logo. Not sure about the uniforms and helmet but not bad for an AIF team.
  20. I was wandering also about the helmets. The Bama helmet looks matte as well. I think that is a slight change that would look great.
  21. I like the Florida helmets today, but maybe pick a logo and stick with it. Either Gators or the F not both.
  22. The double striping on the pants always bothered me with the single helmet stripe. I think this gives them consistency throughout the design. In this case, single stripe >>>> double stripe IMO. I see the reasoning behind this, but Alabama doesn't need to add a 2nd stripe on their helmet to match their pants. It looks good as is. On the flip side, I wish the Colts had the double stripes on their helmets. This is probably because the Colts use double stripes more and therefore look silly with just a single stripe up top.Actually, Alabama having 2 stripes on the pants mimics the helmet stripe, since the striping goes red-white-red on both: Yeah. I was going to say the same thing. Its R-W-R. As for Alabama's lack of TV numbers on the jersey... to me, it still looks great... but it would look just THAT much better with TV numbers. It would make them nearly identical to Oklahoma, sans the word mark, but I just think it looks so much more like a football uniform with TV numbers. But when Alabama wore white helmets, it was never r/w/r on the helmet It's really just one stripe on the helmet. Not r/w/r. Am I the only one with the sacrilegious desire to see Alabama pull those helmets out as a throwback? No you are not I would love to see the white helmet back