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  1. If I was the commissioner of the NBA, I would, of course bring back the Seattle SuperSonics. In order to make both the Eastern and Western Conferences even, I would also bring back the Kentucky Colonels from the old ABA. I can't really find a good division for the Grizzlies to be in their current city so I would move them back to Vancouver. The conference divisions would be similar to the NHL where there is 2 divisions with 8 teams, 16 teams in each conference. The divisions would look like this: ATLANTIC DIVISION -New York Knicks -Brooklyn Nets -Boston Celtics -Philadelphia 76ers -Toronto Raptors -Washington Wizards -Miami Heat -Orlando Magic CENTRAL DIVISION -Cleveland Cavaliers -Chicago Bulls -Detroit Pistons -Indiana Pacers -Milwaukee Bucks -Atlanta Hawks -Charlotte Hornets -Kentucky Colonels MIDWEST DIVISION -Minnesota Timberwolves -Denver Nuggets -Utah Jazz -New Orleans Pelicans -Oklahoma City Thunder -Houston Rockets -Dallas Mavericks -San Antonio Spurs PACIFIC DIVISION -Los Angeles Lakers -Los Angeles Clippers -Golden State Warriors -Sacramento Kings -Phoenix Suns -Portland Trail-Blazers -Vancouver Grizzles -Seattle Supersonics I understand this is not the best division alignment, but I would love to hear any of your suggestions to improve it as well as opinions!
  2. I personally don't miss how free agency used to be, where players were obligated to play on the team that drafted them because of "Loyalty to an organization". I'm glad players have the right to choose where they want to play now, for the most part.