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  1. YES!!!! these look much more balanced. LOVE IT!
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Blackout Essentially just their current design that they've had for years, but I think it works well in black Whiteout For the whiteout I took the black jersey from the '40's and gave it the whiteout treatment. I really like this one
  3. I really like these. I would say try a yellow B on the home jersey, but otherwise awesome. The alternate, legacy, and reverse retro are great.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a good old school hockey sweater PSD template?
  5. Carolina Hurricanes Blackout The teams original jersey gets the blackout treatment here. I see why Carolina tends to go to the Whalers for retro stuff; the Hurricanes haven't changed their look a whole lot and don't have much to throwback to. Whiteout With that being said I too go to the whalers for the teams whiteout uniform. Specifically, the Whalers final uniforms.
  6. Calgary Flames Blackout For the blackout we just a few years back for the teams red script alternate The flames have always worked with black uniforms as does this design Whiteout The whiteout takes the Flames uniforms from the mid to late '90's and removes all traces of black this go around. The flames colors also really work for the whiteout uniform
  7. Buffalo Sabres Blackout I took the 2000's alternate design and removed all white and silver and main red the secondary color. I think this creates a nice unique look Whiteout We stay in the same era for the white out, but this time we use the teams current colors. I like the blue and yellow more for the Sabres and think it works really well with the white
  8. Boston Bruins Blackout This is the one that gave me the idea for the whole series. When looking at possibilities for another Bruins Reverse Retro. I came up with this idea and went from there. So I went and took the Bruins yellow jersey from the early '40's and swapped black for the main color. I like the way this one turned out and think this could always be a possibility for them for a retro jersey even in the original yellow Whiteout I'm not as crazy about the white, but I think it's decent. With Black being a predominant color for the Bruins it's hard to come up with a good looking white out uniform for them. I took the Bruins previous alternate and swapped brown for black so that it's not just a white and yellow uniform which would have looked truly horrible
  9. Arizona Coyotes Blackout With the Coyotes more than likely going back to the kachina look I decided why not take the more current look, albeit it's first iteration, and make that the blackout. The removal of the white and tan really gives it a unique look. Whiteout For the whiteout I took the alternate from 2008-2014 and removed all black and moved the colors around a bit. I did introduce a darker shade of maroon to help the striping stand out a bit more. Man was the striping on the jersey really hard to do and I still didn't get it down, but I did the best I could
  10. So let's start with the Anaheim Ducks Blackout For the blackout I took the alternate uniform from 2015-2017 (I know not very retro) and moved the orange to a secondary color. I also took out all white and replaced it with gold; I think this creates a very unique look for the Ducks Whiteout The whiteout takes their uniform from 1993-2006 and to make it really a white out I removed the big block of color from the bottom of the sleeves and the main part of the jersey. The jade pants also get swapped out for white
  11. So for this series I was going to do a look at what Reverse Retro could look like next year if it continued and I still may do that, but as I was looking at possibilities I realized that some teams don't have very many options. So I thought ti myself what if they added different twists in future years. So I came up with the idea of Reverse Retro with the twist of blackout or whiteout designs. This opens up to the line easily going for 2 year; some teams have white one year and then black the next and vice versa. I tried to take traditionally white jerseys and make them the blackout and traditionally dark jerseys and make them the whiteout. As always feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed. Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets
  12. Meh, if the Leafs ended up looking goofy on ice the Bruins fan in me would be happy JK. It was unintentional, but I see what you're saying
  13. Thanks man I appreciate that. I do like my original design as well, but I wanted to try out some of the advice that people were giving. One of my favorite things about this platform is how supportive and cooperative it is. So I wanted to keep that going and feel like people who take their time out and comment and give feedback like I am listening because I am. I really appreciate your comments!
  14. How's this for an even more retro look for the Sharks?
  15. So after a few comments I tried something different with Tampa. Can't say I like it better, but you all may think it looks better Home Away
  16. That's a good concept. I may have to try something like that
  17. The union used similar chevrons as well They would get really creative with them and have the Captain and Alternates have more stripes signifying a higher rank which could be interesting
  18. Winnipeg Jets Home Away I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the branding of the new iteration of the Winnipeg Jets; especially when you compare it to the old franchise. So I took the best of both franchises and combined them. I brought the red from the old Jets and put it with the blues and silver that the current Jets use. I also went with an new version that is more inspired by the old logo; credit to Johnny VonGriz. I also used a new secondary logo; credit to Jonathan Sparks. The striping is all based on the current Jets jerseys. Alternate The alternate takes the current secondary logo and makes that the main logo. I took the teams current away design and made grey/silver the main color. Throwback The throwback throws all the way back to the original Jets WHA jersey. It's not something we've seen done yet and I thought it would be interesting to bring back. The jersey gets the off white treatment as well as the current darker blue and red
  19. Good idea; I didn't even think of that. I'll have to try it
  20. Washington Capitals Home Away To me the Washington Capitals lack a strong identity. They've moved through so many different designs and can't seem to land on one logo or identity. So I took my favorite elements and put them together. The logo with the Capital Building has always been my favorite and I really like it int he red and blue colors. The striping is a mix of their original striping with the stars and their 90's striping, but straightened out. Secondary logo stays the same Alternate For the alternate the screaming eagle gets the red and blue treatment. I also removed the wordmark and added stars Throwback For the throwback we get the teams original white jersey
  21. Vegas Golden Knights Home Away Vegas gets a decent overhaul. I drop red and grey and lighten up the gold. I also change the striping to mimic the towers of a castle. I also couldn't find the exact pattern that Vegas uses so I went as close as I could fins Alternate The alternate jersey gets a neon nightlife feel to it. The Vegas font is taken directly from the famous Vegas sign and the get more traditional striping with the card suits inside. I tried using some color in this, but then it got way too busy; so I just stuck with the gold Fauxback The fauxback gets a duller more subtle gold and some old school striping. The hemet is replaced with a shield and crossed swords with the team name; giving it a more original six throwback vibe
  22. I might have to try that
  23. Me too! I'm tired of the fad that started in the 2000's where colors had to be dulled down. It's good to see teams like Buffalo and Calgary going back to more vibrant uniforms
  24. Vancouver Canucks Home Away Vancouver becomes an amalgamation of multiple eras of the team. The main logo stays the same, but Johnny Canuck becomes the secondary logo. The colors are changed around a bit as I've completely removed the silver and the blue and green are closer to older iterations of their jerseys. The striping is taken from their original jerseys. I love how Vancouver has always tried to sneak in V's wherever possible and always thought the striping here was really unique and creative. Alternate I know a lot of people don't like Johnny Canuck, but I love him. So he's becomes the focal point of the Alternate jersey. I played with the idea of having plaid striping, but it was TOO much. So i went with a simple striping pattern and removed white from everywhere except the logos to help them pop, Fauxback The Fauxback is a take on the teams jersey from the mid to late '80's. I like the skate logo, but always hated the colors of that time. So I put the blue and green on that design. We also get off white for that vintage feel