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  1. I'm not sure exactly, but i think that Christmas Special would be similiar a City Edition Nuggets, but with color of Christmas (Green, Red and White or just Red and White) To be honest, this design you made with Denver Nuggets is very good. I really loved the Icon and City Edition. Statement is very good either, since you made it a "classic but modern".
  2. Ukyo

    Pittsburgh Supersonics

    The inspiration is from this:
  3. I saw while searching Supersonics. Pittsburgh SuperSonics So, i had a idea. Obs: Yes i forgot to put Supersonics in Association
  4. There a 3 feedbacks: 1 - Dude, making the shorts smaller than the jersey makes it looks like very weird (specially jersey). Try to make Shorts in same size. -1 2 - There a guy that already said it and i want to remember that you need to make it easy to eyes. That's very creative, yes, but is very exaggerated (like Spurs Community) and due of this, will be a --1 from review. 3 - The fonts need to be more bigger. -0.5 7.5/10 - All of these jerseys, including v1 and v2. I'm sure you will improve a lot and you have a lot of potential for this.
  5. That's nice... If there was a Swingman edition, would be like this?
  6. Also is possible to have Indiana like 85~98? And Phoenix Suns with legendary jersey of 2000... (Steve Nash era)