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  1. Congrats about finishing these concepts! You managed very well and there are best concepts i've see. Also about WNBA is really very good idea, if you want to, of course! I would love to see Chicago Sky with your concept design.
  2. I loved this! Thank you! By the way, i think would be cool if the jersey of Sparks have this "Lakers 1999-17" (Purple in side). Can't wait for more!
  3. Ohhh! Thanks for claryfying my doubt!
  4. OOOh. I liked these, expect for Miami (I'm not really a fan of yellow, but don't worry! In general, is a good concept) Can't wait for GSW, Hornets and Timberwolves.
  5. The cleanest here. Also i'm wondering why the flag of NOLA (Showtime) isn't Red White and Blue? Since i don't live in USA, i don't know much about New Orleans. There something about this flag?
  6. Nossa (Woah) These concept is very incredible!
  7. Chicago Bulls... Uhh? Side panels was really necessary? I can't enjoy these side panels with a good design of Icon and association and legendary wordmark (When Jordan was drafted), no. Very ugly.... it kind of makes me want to throw up, and I'm not exaggerating. Too ugly for the eyes. I'm sorry, but this is the first time and however much personal opinion, I will have to disapprove of these designs because of side panels that arruined these concepts that without this, would be very beautiful. 0/10 Without side panels would be much better. And Indiana Pacers is good! Although i don't enjoy really these stripes in Indiana Pacers (i prefer like this a default design for Icon and Association)
  8. Oh sorry! Already corrected. Also, thanks! I'm thinking with 4 editions per team, yes. I'm making some jerseys that may be cool. Expect by Nuggets, i made Raptors like Statement Edition, i would say.
  9. Toronto Raptors Made by 2003-2006 jerseys of Raptors and with wordmark of 2020-2021.
  10. Firstly, i need to warn that the template belongs from edjb93. He gave me permission and i'm honored. The designs exists thankfully for him. Denver Nuggets Inspired by this design, wanted to make this with short too:
  11. There will be a updates? Wizards, Warriors, Timberwolves, OKC, Portland still needs... I really enjoyed theses!
  12. Images are broken, fix it please. Also, 10/10 in some jerseys, 8/10 in others.
  13. Woah. I'm waiting for Chicago Sky!
  14. City Edition of Magic was really wow!
  15. Yes, that's what i was saying, really you managed well! Good job!
  16. Can see that you improved a lot and i'm happy for you! Making easier for eyes is very important and you managed it a well. But the colours are crazy really and, it varies of people for people, so the colours couldn't be good for everyone. (I'm not the expection, i don't think orange was necessary in Showtime Edition of Utah Jazz. Black would still be good colour for collars.) * Actually, i remembered that crazys designs could not be good in some jerseys, like Association Edition of Utah Jazz that you made with Salt flats; This would be better for City Edition, that have really a meaning/sense. I mean, City Edition is about honoring the city, artist or something relationed a city. So, that's why we see a lot of clean designs in Association/Icon NBA currently. But there still a trouble... Making shorts smaller than jersey. You make it looking we're in this era combined with current jerseys of today, that is bigger than it used to be in past. In short, shirt sizes are the standard we know torday. And now the shorts look like they are stuck in the dinosaur era, which are smaller than today.
  17. I forgot to ask, you created the template? If is your, how much would cost to buy it? I want to make some concepts of WNBA and would love to have a template that is very cool!
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