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  1. Bezos had a PR scandal genius. Not the Broncos And Color Rush only rolled out with 6 teams too, or did you forget about that?
  2. Well surprise surprise. NFL and Nike will debut city inspired uniforms but only for the following teams this year. If it’s a success, don’t be surprised to see it roll out for all 32 teams. Rams Bears Jets Browns Texans 9ers Also I’ve heard that the one helmet rule is gone but there was no announcement because the NFL wants it to be a surprise. I do not give a bleep if you doubt me and to my loving admirers I expect to be apologized to when Bezos buys the Broncos in July.
  3. It’s almost like a massive PR scandal happened pushing the announcement back or something.
  4. These uniforms are a ten of ten you guys are on crack.
  5. Good morning. So that thing I said a few weeks ago? Yeah the team Bezos is buying will become public knowledge in the next ten days. No I won’t tell you how I know this so don’t even bother asking. But when it starts circulating I look forward to speculating with you all what the new uniforms will look like.
  6. Probably nothing, but I found it interesting the Broncos announced the Simmons extension by first showing a hanging color rush jersey.
  7. Might be of note, might be nothing, but NFL shop previously listed the Broncos’ color rush as color rush as recent as yesterday. Today it is listed as “alternate jersey” I’m hoping this means they’re going to pair it with white pants.
  8. Worth noting this 9ers throwback doesn’t have tv numbers either...
  9. Here’s hoping the one helmet rule is gone and we see the proper look!
  10. (Regarding the white jerseys) Could we see orange numbers paired with just black stripes on the shoulders? Could be why the orange is darkening.
  11. I’m sold on the validity of this because of the lack of tv numbers. Nike seems to be phasing them out in new designs.
  12. Maybe I’m crazy but I actually think that logo could look really good on a silver helmet. Only silver though for some reason.
  13. It’s 2021, buy a freakin 4K tv dude
  14. That is an INSTANT upgrade over the font they currently use, why not make the switch?
  15. I heard a thing. For reasons I have to be a little vague. I do not care if you believe me and I will not provide proof. Jeff Bezos is in contact with Nike about a redesign for a team he is about to purchase (I would say this gets done in June or July) It is not the Washington Football Team and that is all I will say. So when news breaks he’s purchased this team, just know there’s a good chance the team will change uniforms in 2022 since he’s already started the process and it’s well under way.
  16. He seems interested in just picking fights on here, I wouldn’t pay him any mind.
  17. Pardon? I literally only have one other “prediction” and it was half in jest. FauxbackFootball. your hostility is... weird to say the least.
  18. I just want to call it now: they’ll introduce “white Tiger gold” as an accent color. Meaning silver.
  19. To be fair the Pats were more of a navy and silver team.
  20. This news kinda bums me out. I was looking forward to Lawrence and the Jags coming out in a few years decked head to toe in black and totally being the villains of the NFL. How do you hate a team dressed in teal lol
  21. Bucs designate the pewter unis as whites right? Any chance we see that vs Chiefs in red?
  22. The helmets will be a matte black shell with gloss orange decals that make it almost indiscernible to casual uniform fans from the previous ones but also make it possible to swap them for white stripe decals for the color rush. I’m calling it now.
  23. Kyler and Kliff being very open about their distaste for the uniforms have fueled lots of Cards fans to speculate the only reason they’d be that opinionated publicly about them is if a change was in the works.
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