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  1. i actually really like the number font and drop shadow- it gives me vibes similar to the numbers Navy used to replicate the font used on their boats and Jacksonville is home to a fairly large Naval base. Maybe unintended, but a cool tie-in to the area
  2. the whole set looks great- love the viking and ship logos. If I'm nitpicking though I can't unsee the U in the WWU logo as a V since the angles at the bottom are different than the W. If I had one suggestion I would recommend aligning those bottom angles to prevent any confusion with a WWV
  3. If we're really leaning into the Raiders look I'd love to see the white jersey with silver numbers like the Raiders throwbacks- always a good look!
  4. Can we see the City Series gradient jersey in gradients of their current color scheme? interested to see what you can do with the blues and greens with that template.
  5. Love the Stanford looks except for the baseball hats- I really think the old school block S that the baseball team uses should be worked in, it looks much better on a hat than the S tree logo IMO
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