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  1. Ole Miss went powder blue over all white for the final game of this season, meaning they wore the traditional gray pants a total of one game this season. As I've said before, the white pants aren't awful, but are not great. Really curious to see what direction the uniforms go in the future. I could see an entirely new set being unveiled before next season.
  2. Really like the silver/gray number outlines on the Sam Houston State unis. Almost wish they had used that color more throughout the set. I don't think I have ever seen a team use a primarily orange and silver color scheme. Pretty unique
  3. Looks like the gray pants might be out for Ole Miss after wearing the white ones for the third week in a row. Will be interested to see if Lane Kiffin makes this a permanent change.
  4. I do not understand why UNC continues to pair its navy uniform elements exclusively with its white elements. Using both shades of blue together seems so much better to me.
  5. Ole Miss fan here, and I have to agree with what others have said. The powder blue jerseys with the white pants did not work. Should have worn the gray pants. Yes, the navy stripe on the gray pants would not have “matched” but that’s sort of the point. IMO what makes the Ole Miss powder blue helmets so great is that powder blue is not necessarily a throwback color for us in the same sense that other schools have throwback colors (think Pitt with the royal blue or Oregon with the Kelly green). Powder blue was never a school color for Ole Miss. The football team just happened to order the wrong color helmet when they first switched from leather to plastic. The team then intentionally wore a mismatched helmet for the next 20+ years, which included probably the program’s most steady success. It’s a neat quirk that I think deserves to be honored by wearing the powder blue helmets a couple times per season. Personally, I would leave it there, but the players have been clamoring for a powder blue jersey and they seemed to enjoy them. The original powder blues in action: