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  1. That’s kinda cool but if only the saints wore the gold for once instead of the black leotards. also the nfl has gone really relaxed on the socks because the solid socks have really gotten out of hand the only time solid socks works is with color rush and white pants.
  2. According to the bucs uniforms schedule they will only wear red 4 times this year (3 at home once on road at NYG) they wore white at home in 3 home games and the pewter color rush will be 2 other home games bucs should pair white jerseys with pewter pants like they did before
  3. Here is an update for GUD^6 hope the rams wear yellow pants with this
  4. Your totally right. Rumors I heard that they don’t wear white pants at home due to grass stains. Which is pretty stupid, you’re are more than likely going to get dirty in football. I agree that monochrome has taken over too much like college. Let’s see to fix monochrome NE add silver pants CIN add orange socks to the mono black TEN add white pants or Columbia blue GB add the green socks to the color rush white NO bring back the black and gold ATL wear white pants SEA wear wolf grey pants with navy jersey
  5. If they had white socks it would look better. Also try to respond to this, which is more likely, the saints wear gold pants or eagles wear green pants. I would personally say eagles wearing green pants late in the season when they need to win
  6. On the saints not the eagles, at least the eagle have a stripe on their pants to make it look better.
  7. You are totally right eagles monochrome white is actually not bad. But the black socks work with home uniforms, mono black, and midnight green pants. Speaking of midnight green pants I really hope that the eagles will wear them more often at least 2-3 time each year. That’s not asking for too much.
  8. The D logo will always be better than the current logo. My dad is a huge broncos fan and has always told me the D logo is a classic and it was stupid in 1997 to change the logo! My dad even compared the current logo to breeders cup! see a comparison? also the Idiot CEO Joe Ellis says the current logo will stay according to broncos wire Many Denver Broncos fans love the team’s orange Color Rush uniforms that feature a throwback style “D” logo on the helmet. As long as team president/CEO Joe Ellis is acting as the Broncos’ de facto owner, that beloved logo won’t become permanent. “That’s something I won’t [do],” Ellis said during his end-of-season press conference Monday. “If Brittany [Bowlen] or some other owner comes in here, you can ask that question then. No. That’ll be one-off as a throwback logo, if you will, moving forward.” this man is a complete Idiot and moron! Facts: the D logo > current logo he even admitted that the fans like the color rush throwbacks Ellis noted that a lot of fans enjoy the Color Rush uniforms but indicated that no major changes are on the way. Just Why “I’m not sure we’re going to change anything,” Ellis said. “There are some rules that the league has in terms of uniform changes. “You have to wait a while for various reasons centered around retail and other things. I’m still interested in seeing whether the fans are — there seems to be sort of a bullish movement on blue the way there used to be a bullish movement on orange.” The fans have spoken you Idiot The D will always be better!!!!
  9. The did wear wolf grey pants in Miami in 2012! I think they only wear the wolf grey pants with navy in hot games, they’ve never worn grey pants at home since 2001