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  1. Way too many monochrome and alternates Here is the more accurate version DAL (navy blue/Gray) at TB (white/pewter) PIT (black/yellow) at BUF (white/white) PHI (white/white) at ATL (black/black) LAC (powder/yellow) at WAS (white/burgundy) SEA (grey/grey) at IND (blue/white) NYJ (green/white) at CAR (white/white) MIN (purple/white) at CIN (white/white) JAC (teal/white) at HOU (white/white) SF (white/gold) at DET (blue/gray) ARI (red/white) at TEN (white/navy) DEN (white/white) at NYG (blue/white) GB (white/yellow) at NO (black/black) I miss the gold pants very much MIA (white/aqua) at NE (navy/navy) I hate the patriots monochrome CLE (white/orange) at KC (red/white) CHI (white/navy) at LAR (blue/gold) BAL (white/purple) at LV (black/silver)
  2. I totally agree that these are more superior than the midnight green. My dad loved Randall Growing up so he bought a white jersey the other day
  3. Not bad posts at all here is My Philadelphia eagle's uniforms predictions Week 1: Eagles @ Falcons White/White Vs Black/Black Week 2: 49ers @ Eagles white/gold Vs Midnight green/White Week 3: Eagles @ Cowboys (MNF) Midnight green/white Vs White/blue Week 4: Chiefs @ Eagles White/Red Vs Midnight green/white Week 5: Eagles @ Panthers White/Midnight Green Vs Blue/Black Week 6: Buccaneers @ Eagles (TNF) Pewter color rush vs black color rush Week 7: Eagles @ Raiders White/White vs Black/Silver Week 8: Eagles @ Lions White/White vs Blue/Silver Week 9: Chargers @ Eagles White/Gold vs Midnight green/White Week 10: Eagles @ Broncos White/Midnight green vs Orange/white Week 11: Saints @ Eagles White/Gold Vs Black Color rush Week 12: Eagles @ Giants White/Midnight Green vs Blue/White Week 13: Eagles @ Jets white/white vs Green/Green Week 15: WFT @ Eagles White/White vs Midnight Green/White Week 16: Giants @ Eagles white/grey vs Black Color Rush Week 17: Eagles @ WFT white/midnight green vs Red/Red Week 18: Cowboys @ Eagles White/Blue vs Midnight green/White Lets hope I'm right.
  4. Has anyone heard of any uniform changes? When will the bengals reveal?
  5. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The “AFL” patch is the Lamar hunt memorial and it’s will never be removed! Even for a throwback
  6. The Chiefs one will never be dropped because it is a memorial to Lamar Hunt.
  7. These look nice but the problem is they would probably only use the bottom 2
  8. well 3 of the top 4 cant change due to changes in the past 3 years Titans, patriots, jags cant change yet so that leaves cardinals Bengals which they are doing dolphins saints just need to wear gold more Broncos
  9. Really the only changes that the panthers made was that they upgraded from the reebok jerseys and it looks not bad. But I see your point maybe make blue primary color.
  10. I opened this thread to get into a slew of uniform discussions. rules: 1 no extremists 2 agree to disagree is ok 3 pictures of what you think looks good are permitted 4 there will be lots of talk about monochrome This could be a disaster or it could be very productive!
  11. There should be a rule that you must wear white at home once per year and finally trying to disband the monochrome uniforms.
  12. My predictions for week 12 lions wear the classic throwbacks ravens wear purple pants Jaguars in mono black colts wear mono blue saints wear all white (not color rush) eagles stick with nighttime tradition and go mono black.
  13. I would second, this they did have green socks in the 90s this looks nice . The socks are black now with the midnight green top and the white with midnight green pants. green socks definitely look better they match.
  14. Looks like GUD made a mistake and put color rush vs bears and not cowboys as said above it was against the cowboys http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=single-weekly&game_id=2020_MIN-CHI^10
  15. My predictions for week 10 colts wear mono white socks Chargers breaks out yellow pants with powder blue panthers wear mono black/bucs wear pewter pants Jaguars wear teal socks with black or teal pants bengals go mono white not color rush Eagles wear the beloved green pants, they haven’t worn white on white in NY since 2013 Cardinals wear mono red, bills wear censored socks Saints finally break out the gold pants Seahawks wear all white Ravens wear purple pants or white pants Reply with your predictions.
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