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  1. For the Rockets, I wanted a clean look while also giving them an identity that was not just another black and red team. I added a navy blue and a lighter blue into their color scheme. Additionally, I have created a new logo for Houston, which is a rocket that reads "HOU" when turned sideways. This can be seen on the sides of the shorts. The statement edition is the day edition, while the showtime version is the night edition. I like to think that the community edition is sort of a sunset version. I also just wanted to note that I had Harden on all of these jerseys before the Brooklyn trade was announced. Changing it to John Wall led to the idea of changing the copycat Pacers font on the numbers the Rockets currently use.
  2. While the Spurs rock a pretty traditional look, the whole point of this thread is to shake up the status quo. I've taken that to the extreme with my Spurs rebrand and I'm expecting to be pretty polarizing but I stand by it. The statement edition is a uni to honor the military presence in San Antonio. The community edition is a "Day of the Dead" theme uni.
  3. The Hornets rebrand incorporates more purple than their current set. The Community edition is a "Queen City" theme, with the flag of Charlotte on the waistband and the city's unofficial color, green, enhancing features of the uni. The Community edition features a new alternate logo, which is a hornet's nest with the abbreviation "CLT" on it.
  4. The entire set is derived from the 2020-2021 city edition, which I believed breathed new life into the brand. The Community edition blends a few Memphis elements. The Hernando de Soto Bridge is behind the Memphis wordmark, which is directly inspired by the Memphis sign on Mud Island. Additionally, elements of Beale Street find their way onto the side panel and collar trim. The community edition is a Beale Street blue color.
  5. The Detroit Pistons currently have a bland identity, so I decided to take it back to one of their more under appreciated looks. The "Motown" community edition represents the blue collar identity that Detroit represents while incorporating a retro car side panel design.
  6. I edited the original post and I brightened "the Land" to try to make it pop more. The community edition is sort of a combo fauxback to the 90s uni as well as incorporating the rock and roll elements that the 2020-2021 city edition failed at so spectacularly. Thanks again for the feedback.
  7. I understand the Celtics have one of the more traditional looks, but there is no point of making a concept that is identical to the status quo. While keeping the Celtics simple, I hope my rebrand modernizes the brand while honoring its heritage. The statement edition leans into the Celtic theme, something touched upon in the 2019/20 city edition. The showtime edition has 17 clovers, one for each championship the Celtics have won. The community edition derives from Boston Harbor, specifically Long Wharf and as well as details inspired by Bostonian architecture.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I definitely want to get better with each new concept.
  9. The community edition has a Keith Haring theme.
  10. This Wizards rebrand has a color scheme taken from the Cherry Blossoms and Potomac River. The community edition is inspired by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.