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  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers currently have a color scheme of wine, gold, navy and black. I felt like the navy and black was redundant so I eliminated the navy. The new primary logo honors different eras of Cleveland's past for something new. The secondary logo is a modified version of the current Cavalier shield logo, but the shield shape has been modified to mirror the shield on the Cleveland flag. The association edition features the team name with a modern candy stripe on the side panels. The icon edition is similar, wielding the city's name. The statement edition features a new "Cavs" wordmark. The showtime edition is referred to as "Cleveland Knights". The community edition honors uni's of the past while incorporating Cleveland's rock and roll heritage. The legacy edition is a red uni that has a design on the side panels inspired by the Cleveland Department of Transportation Guardian.
  2. I decided to keep the primary logo for the San Antonio Spurs because it remains a timeless logo that is instantly recognizable. The Spurs have had years of greyed out camouflage in either city or earned editions, so I decided to implement this into into their branding. The association and icon uni act as the primary uni's, with the association showcasing black and white and the icon edition featuring two different shades of grey, one very light and one very dark almost close to black. The statement edition features a snow camouflage, while the showtime edition is derived from the 2020-2021 city edition. The community edition is a tribute to the River Walk in San Antonio. The pattern on the side panel is inspired by the patterns on the small cruises that go down the river. The Alamo is featured on the waistband of this edition. I decided that fiesta was something that should not be overplayed as the primary uni's, so it is reserved to the legacy edition. An alternate SA logo is featured on the shorts of the Legacy edition.
  3. The Boston Celtics are a team of tradition. The hardwood pattern from the court is incorporated into the uni’s as way to honor the history of the Celtics. The font on the word marks is inspired by the championship banners that hang in the arena. The primary logo has been updated and appropriately represents team colors. The community edition is inspired by the Freedom Trail of Boston, with a brick color added into the color scheme. Fanueil Hall is on the waistband of this uni. The legacy edition plays into the Celtic’s name, incorporating Celtic patterns on the trim while featuring a darker green and gold. An alternate clover is on both sides of the shorts.
  4. While I finish up the next set, I went back and created a few Legacy editions for some previously posted sets. Here is the Miami Heat Legacy edition, with a full look at the new, completed set. This look was inspired by the original vice versa uni. The waistband has a small flame icon. The idea of a uni being two completely different colors that plays with angles is something that is visually striking to me. If you would like to view the original posting of the Miami Heat set with a closer look at each uni, click here.
  5. The Philadelphia 76ers should be the first team when you think of red, white, and blue on an NBA jersey. The primary logo has been modified to incorporate the bicentennial "76". The primary uni's are derived to those similar of "the Process" era. They feature seven stars on one side and six on the other. The statement edition is a "Liberty or Die" uni that features the famous snake. This uni has seven stars on the jersey and six stars on the shorts. The Showtime edition is inspired by Boathouse Row. The community edition takes on a theme based on Philly's nickname of "The City of Brotherly Love" with a parchment color. The two primary uni's and the two alternate uni's feature a drop shadow. The community edition has no drop shadow. The Legacy edition features an outline. The Legacy edition honors the past while looking toward the future. Equipped with the Liberty Bell design, this uni features the gold of champions. The bicentennial "76" partial logo has been used a wordmark. Thirteen stars that represent the thirteen original colonies are circling the number.
  6. The gearball is the primary logo, which incorporates that chrome silver as part of the color scheme. The flaming skullball with the piston in its mouth acts as a secondary logo in its light and dark forms. The primary uni's bring back that hot rod look the Pistons use to have. The statement edition is a chrome silver color with a gear around the number. The showtime edition mirrors the statement edition but filled out with red back into the color scheme. The Community Edition is a teal color that references the retro Pistons jersey, but also honors the Ambassador Bridge and the Spirit of Detroit. It is supposed to emulate a vintage car aesthetic. This is the first set that I am introducing the Legacy Edition. The idea is that this edition would take the place of the Earned edition. Only playoff eligible teams would receive these threads. These will be referred to as the legacy edition because only teams capable of leaving behind a legacy will wear them. I will be making Legacy Edition uni's for all the teams that have already had their sets posted so stay tuned for that. Like the Earned edition, some of the Legacy edition might be a new color of an existing uni or something new depending on what the branding calls for. The Pistons legacy edition is a Hot Rod Red that matches the primary uni's to show congruency throughout the set.
  7. The original nets logo is a shield with the word “Nets” and a white basketball with a B on it. For my updated logo, I modified the shield shape and had a ball going into an actual net with the Brooklyn crown and stars. While my redesign is definitely different, I was hoping some of the secondary elements would help emulate that Brooklyn theme. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  8. The Nets embrace a clean black and white look. So naturally, I thought their community edition should be as vivid as Brooklyn is. The idea is that the community edition is a yearly series and each new edition would honor a Brooklyn artist. Keith Haring was chosen for the first edition. The font on "NETS" on the shorts and the player name on the back of the jersey are a custom font designed to emulate the style of Keith Haring. The statement edition is one of my personal favorites in terms of design. C+C always appreciated.
  9. The next set will be the Brooklyn Nets. New primary logo below.
  10. The Washington Wizards need to fully embrace their identity. This redesign has shifted their color scheme. The Wizard's colors now consist of Cherry Blossom Pink, Potomac River Blue, and Monument Grey. The primary uni's feature an American flag design on the side panels. The statement edition features the Washington Monument on the sides as the gradient fades into the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. The showtime edition is inspired by Washington DC's flag. The Community Edition would be a series revolving around different national heroes. The first edition honors the Tuskegee Airmen, who were a squad of African American pilots during World War II. These men were extremely under-appreciated at the time and faced harsh racial discrimination despite their service. C+C always appreciated.
  11. Washington Wizards coming soon! Here's the primary logo.
  12. The Toronto Raptors have an identity that revolves around the chevron, but their current design almost goes too minimalistic. The iconic Raptor returns in its rightful place as the primary logo. The primary uni's feature the classic Raptors jagged pinstripes on the collar and sleeves. The statement edition brings purple back into Toronto's set. The showtime edition feature's a Toronto wordmark, which is something that is not done enough on Raptor's unis. The community edition represents the next evolution in the OVO x Raptors collaboration. On the shorts, the claw ball makes a return as an alternate logo. Additionally, a new secondary logo is present where a microphone is prominently featured. This is to honor the growing hip hop industry in Toronto that Drake/OVO popularized.
  13. Toronto Raptor's updated primary logo. The Raptor from the 90's is iconic and you don't see the Chicago Bulls with a hoof print for a logo. Set coming soon.
  14. The Milwaukee Bucks have gone through an era of green and purple, green and red, and green and blue. While the green and purple remains nostalgic and the green and red fits the identity, I felt that the blue appropriately represents the Great Lakes which plays a role in the team's identity. However, blue as a tertiary color had to actually have meaning and be present in the uni's which is something I feel that the current uni's do not achieve. The primary uni's do not stray too much from the current uni's but the jersey's feature a thinner stripe on the side panel that accurately corresponds to the shorts. The Bucks wordmark has been straightened as opposed to curved as a callback to the classic uni's. There is a drop shadow present on the primary uni's. As you can see from the post above, the primary deer logo has been redesigned. The statement edition is derived from the 2018 city edition. The showtime edition wordmark reads "MKE" which has not been featured before on a Bucks jersey. The community edition in inspired by the flag of Milwaukee with an alternate script on the wordmark. C+C always appreciated.