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  1. I just noticed how the Bucks horns outline a basketball perfectly, i really like this!
  2. Very nice! I like how you kept that retro vibe .
  3. This to me is exactly what the Redskins should move to if they decide to keep their nickname. Excellent work!
  4. Agreed! If you looked up the definition "atrocious", it would say look up San Jose Events Center basketball court.
  5. Cassville (mo) wildcats have had the same uniform set for more than 10 years, going from Rawlings to 2 different Nike jersey styles.
  6. Seneca (mo) indians have had the same uniform style for at least 20 years.
  7. Looks like a anthracite color to me, which is a darker gray.
  8. Did not know if i should start a new topic for womens college basketball, but the Missouri State Lady Bears unveiled a new gray uniform last night.
  9. I think this should be the Hawks new look!
  10. Agreed, love the updated retro look!
  11. I really miss the days where each team had a individual look for their warm-ups, but i guess those days are long gone.
  12. I agree. The celtics have a great historical look, so for the look you are talking about is a great idea for their city uniform.
  13. really like these, very simple style with a retro feel, Great job!
  14. Here is Drury Panthers of Springfield Missouri. primary logo... Her is their alternate logos...
  15. I think you have done great job in updating their logo without losing some of the original look.
  16. I think the Washington uniform looks sharp, nothing outrageous, well done.
  17. I actually like these, not a bad job.
  18. It looks like more of a dragon to me, but i think that is because of the wing. Great job otherwise.
  19. I actually prefer this Suns set to what they have now!
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