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  1. West Plains (MO) "Zizzers". https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ed/Zizzer_logo.svg/1200px-Zizzer_logo.svg.png
  2. That is probably one of the reasons they don't make uniforms anymore.
  3. Why go with Jumpman logo, and second why elephant print instead of a feather print?
  4. I want to say that Anarchy made those, but it's been so long ago i may be wrong!
  5. I wounder how many universities will still take Adidas' money, but with that in mind i think some will end their relationship, and with Kansas even making statement I think they will end their's and probablly go back to Nike.
  6. I just now noticed that Butler got the nike "Final Four Medallion" under the neck collar.
  7. Here is Missouri State mens basketball uniforms...
  8. Great looking uniforms, keep up the great work!
  9. the Celtics shirt looks more like a soccer jersey to me.
  10. i just wish the alternate names for home and road, etc; uniforms would stop, it just sounds like they are just giving a new-age name to be modern and it's not.
  11. i also think they need to make the font bigger and add white inside the wordmark, otherwise it just looks like a practice jersey.
  12. Love the Tampa Bay Buccaneers concept, it is a huge upgrade over what they currently wear. Great job on the other designs too.
  13. 1991

    Louisville Rugby

    looks like it belongs more to Louisiana Ragin Cajuns, still it is a very nice logo, good job.
  14. 1991

    AAF Concepts

    looks good, nothing outrageous keep up the good work.
  15. that logo looks somewhat like Florida Gulf Coast's logo, but still great concept!
  16. College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout (Branson, Mo) is dropping all things Nike including any newly purchased uniforms in response to Nike's new ad compaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.http://www.ozarkssportszone.com/2018/09/05/college-of-the-ozarks-drops-nike-from-athletic-uniforms/
  17. if you go to niketeam.com you can see their various sports and uiforms.
  18. After MANY years of wearing Russell Athletic uniforms Lamar (MO) Tigers received new Adidas uniforms this season.
  19. Here is a picture of 6 out of 7 consecutive Lamar (mo) Tigers MSHSAA state championship rings.
  20. Missouri State presenting MSU President Clif Smart with his own IceBears jersey.
  21. is here some of Webb City (mo) Cardinals football state championship rings, there are more recent rings that i'll try to find pctures of.
  22. that looks alot like a old version of the San Diego Aztecs
  23. not bad,simple but needs a lirrle bit of trim color.
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