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  1. My perspective as a fan of the team. - Wahoo definitely had to go - Team name should go, but I don't agree that keeping it one more year is some huge hypocrisy. It's not PC. But it's not a blatant slur like Washington or the cartoon equivalent of a slur like Wahoo. - That said, I'll likely lose interest if the name's anything other than Spiders. Anything new feels like a different expansion team. -Of course, I've already lost interest in a broken sport without a salary cap and a team who won't even invest when they're at the cusp of a championship. -Learned a lot of history lately. We know Spiders were a different franchise, but the AL club replaced them and purchased their assets, so there is a thread of continuity. -Thought the Sockalexis origin story was bogus, but not entirely. The Spiders were called Indians when he played for them, whether it was in honor or mockery...and the Indians name revived that name at the height of the Braves popularity. So ultimately the name did originate from him, just with a degree of separation. So if the Spiders were also called the Indians, the Indians should now be called the Spiders. I just can't see a new modern name for a 120 year old team.
  2. I think it's one of those things we noticed but couldn't articulate. Didn't like it before, but couldn't have told you why. Probably would have blamed the outline. Is there any other variation in the curve historically?
  3. Did the Philadelphia and San Francisco Warriors have orange or was it simulated by adjacent red and yellow?
  4. Interesting, you mention it as differing from the logo wordmark, but I thought that was entirely different being completely straight. From the quick image in the doc, it looked like the 1990 switch to champion has a little curve and was closer to the HWC version. Maybe that makes sense as the final iteration.
  5. Celtics appear to be prepping some social justice stuff, tweeting trivia about the first all black starting five. Seems appropriate for the most progressive team of the 60s, with a roster boasting one of the league's most socially conscious leaders (as well as progressive coach and owner)
  6. I think that adds up to one of the worst executed throwbacks ever. A shame, I love the original. Looks like NOB is wrong too,, it's huge on the originals. Mainly I just want green in their palette.
  7. I brought this up on Twitter without response, but I'll mention again... The wordmark seems smaller and less arched than I remember, to its detriment. Is that related to jersey cut/size, or my imagination? I liked that 1988 playoff team that took the Lakers to 7. That was a great playoff until the Pistons thugged and cheated their way to the finals. Depriving Artis Gilmore of a ring.
  8. Yeah, if I hear "on sale", I think reduced price, not "for sale." But I missed the salient point of "jumpman" meaning 20-21 jerseys. I think my brain assumed 19-20 swingman on sale, not 20-21 jumpman for sale.
  9. Doesn't a sale usually mean they're not keeping them?
  10. I assume someone has already suggested Rough Riders?
  11. They need gold trim on the uniforms badly. Jaguars have a spotted hide and they don't even have stripes on the pants? Of course this thinking leads to leopard print uniforms. (If teal leotards are ok, why not gold leopard print?) Interesting dilemma Bengals and Jaguars have. 80s Bengals probably handled it best with stripes in moderation. Leopard print gold stripes on the pants and shoulders? Still sounds awful. Sublimated spots on the helmet somehow? Would be better than two tone. Subtle gold texture on black uniforms and helmets might be doable. But their early uniforms were by far the best. Normal football template with interesting colors.
  12. I loved the shade of green they had. Have we ever seen a green/blue/gold?
  13. From the pics I like rhe rich shade of orange, never likes the drab orange from the 80s. Handled nicely by the browns, especially the big hints at the beginning while still officially keeping the surprise.