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  1. Nuggets are certainly a weird one with the sky blue phase and the rainbow phase. Otherwise they've been relatively consistently blue/gold/red. Bucks have just inexplicably subbed purple and blue for red.
  2. I'd been thinking of teams that have relatively established "alternate palettes", allowing true "clash" alts that are a totally different scheme. Works well for city jerseys. But many of these were used so briefly they're practically one-offs and don't count. Who has an alternate palette with enough historical use to have traction? Miami heat - vice Cavaliers - orange blue Hawks - blue/red White Sox- r/w/b Chargers - navy or royal Nets r/w/b Mavericks green blue Grizzlies teal Clippers sky blue/burnt orange Lakers light blue/yellow Others have potential, but not established enough Hawks blue/green Timberwolves- prince purple Bulls - city flag Jazz - desert sunset; purple/copper Bucks green/purple Marlins pastel foolishness Wizards blue/gold/black; black/orange Devils red/green Canucks black/red/gold Interesting that it's mostly nba that comes to mind.
  3. Yeah, I included "technically" because the 2019-20 season is still going, even if the Hawks aren't part of it anymore. I would have liked to see the draft with new players infused into the season. Actually, I thought they should resume with a midseason tourney in november followed by the 2nd half of a combined 2019-21 season.
  4. I'm only a very casual hockey fan, but i think the gear and pace of play inherently cause some of this problem. In the NBA you can recognize the players since they're not covered in pads, helmets, or even hats. In baseball there are constant pauses where the camera cuts to the batter, pitcher, or other players; it's easy to know who is standing where, and they can be recognized. In football players mostly can be identified by their position, and what they do on each play, it resets each play, and is often replayed. Meanwhile hockey is fast and continuous, with similar looking guys covered in identical pads , weaving around the whole rink, not fixed in one position...and to top it off substituting in and out during play. 18 guys in identical armor cycling in and out continously are inevitably going to be more anonymous than 5 basketball players in shorts and tank tops (whose faces and hair can be seen and who have wider variation in height and ethnicity.) The constant tension and edge of your seat , anything can happen at any time nature of hockey also leaves less time for "getting to know you" .
  5. This may sound silly, but hockey is played on (frozen) water and I think nautical names fit better than for football (apologies to the Dolphins, you're welcome for all the fish)
  6. Interesting that this technically is a rare in-season unveiling.
  7. I assumed the plural of Elk was Elk. Sounds better to me. Oops 4 pages too late
  8. These pics show the side stripes to be quite bold, in keeping with the interesting designs they've often used. We don't see stripes like that on the Celtics or Knicks (and they're much nicer than Lakers or Knicks black side, we could have seen awful black side panels on this set.) Overall a great use of balanced, traditional team colors with simple design elements. I raise my grade from A- to A.
  9. But they already had the right colors. We might complain similarly if we went from Nique era straight to these.
  10. Interesting example of how basically identical palettes can seem different even with very minor differences in their balance and usage. Red plus minimal yellow = Rockets Red plus mild yellow = Hawks Red plus moderate yellow = McDonald's I never liked the early 70s Rudy T or more recent Luis Scola alternates that use moderate yellow.
  11. Somehow to me the looks are unrelated. Hawks are a little yellow, Rockets even less except for the old logo. Totally different balance in my mind.
  12. I think it's just a description. I don't like the dense yellow, but love the thin yellow trim. McDonald's is just a way of describing that aesthetician, it's not really about McDonald's.
  13. Exactly what I came to say. Simple jersey with nice color balance that finally fits their traditional identity. Black alternate is more jarring but interesting...good use of the 3rd jersey. I bet there are Dominique city editions brewing. Wordmark seems funny. ATLANTA in all caps somehow looks misspelled or like random letters. Overall A- . Huge upgrade over anything in the past 25 years.
  14. How about navy, black, with minimal red accent? Probably too little contrast between navy and black. I did love the Tampa shade of green. Might be cool for the Forest Citys. (Almost typed Forest ascites)