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  1. Undershirts seemed like a better marketing solution than sleeved jerseys all along...why not allow undershirts for pros to "normalize" them for fans?
  2. No different than football helmet logos, really. NBA doesnt have hats, but their logos don't appear on the uniform either.
  3. Has there ever been a worse set in any sport than that sixers debacle? Even the small details / execution are awful. Generic font. Even the stars look generic apart from the gradient. Actually, the execution was worse than the concept. Could it be saved with better font, etc?
  4. Never knew about that 70-71 set. I hope there's some traction with the orange; between that and the light blue there's some coherence between the Buffalo throwbacks and San Diego Clippers colors that I'd love to see as a new identity. Include the black if necessary. Black / sky blue / orange....ironically that's the same as the Cavs set being thrown back to!
  5. Still love the mix and match philosophy. Take the wordmark off the pants and clean up stuff like contrast stitching and it's perfect IMO. The wacky mix and match is all the modernisation that is needed
  6. Since it's the 43rd anniversary of the championship, they're kind of obligated to throw back to it instead of designs from other years.. Ahem
  7. Once in college I saw an unattractive girl wearing a Dominique wilkins Celtics jersey, I should have married her
  8. Warmups were the equivalent to today's alts in the sense they were the only outlet for a little more experimentation and bold ideas. Hence teams like the Jazz using old warmup styles for alternates. And the Spurs could do the same thing with a few fiesta stripes on alts, like they had in the Robinson/Cummings era warmups.
  9. Fiesta was on the warmups. Today's equivalent of the warmups is alts, so.... Speaking of which...weird that we've got the anything goes one off alts for creativity. But the warmups are still templates? Seems like a return to the old days of interesting warmups would be fun and the templates are a wasted opportunity
  10. Blue is decluttered but not enough. Too many word marks above and below, circle still too small - the clutter stands out next to the others. Still I had been hoping for the color swap like this.
  11. White or yellow at home! Otherwise agee. Never yellow on the road!
  12. Yet another opportunity to return to light blue / orange San Diego colors. RwB really contributes to the generic team feel. Orange/sky blue would be so much more of an identity that could have been cemented with lob city, and now they have another, somehow even better chance. But the timing is wrong with 2024. The alternate jerseys are a possible way to put a foot in the door though. Orange/blue city jerseys could be a test run and help establish the identity early , similar to rams throwbacks and maybe browns color rush
  13. I always liked the Fleur on the Louisiana silhouette
  14. New Memphis Grizzlies alternate sleeved uniform leak. New PG prospect expected to replace Mike Conley; face obscured to avoid tampering charges.