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  1. I definitely agree that many modern logos feel too clean - it's an aesthetic that makes them feel more like a fan concept or SB nation site logo.
  2. I like the idea of green/yellow/red, red to match metros tradition and 90s Sonics and so eventual future Sonics dont have to use it. Interesting look that was wrong for the Sonics but can be right for the Sockeyes or whatever.
  3. It's an interesting one. Everyone realizes it's unintentional. Without any other exaggerated features, you could easily let it slide. If anything comparison to a racist lawn jockey statue makes more sense. Definitely should have been caught and revised though. For those that complain that people are oversensitive; don't blame the sensitivity, blame the hundreds of years of racism that forced people to be sensitive. Nothing inherently wrong with a swastika...but the Nazis ruined it for everybody and it's out the window now. Being oversensitive to swastikas, blackface, and native american imagery is ... one of the most minor consequences of American and world history and it's pretty messed up when people can't even say "ok, I get it" to that!
  4. I kind of like the ruddier orange, the lighter feels like a bland melon to me. Perhaps same issue with the orange pants where I prefer the ruddy 2000s to the early 80s dull matte.
  5. I feel the same way, but I definitely prefer the 2000 brighter shade to the dull matte Kardiac Kids version. So I think o/b/o can work a little better. I don't like the brown pants at all, I don't think they're needed; although I don't mind the 3x3 mix and match. I was ok with the recent set except for the pants wordmark. But going back to the traditional look would be even better; retaining the color combos would be enough of a nod to modernization.
  6. Pretty much! Hopefully with the black more as a secondary. The 2nd half of that set wasn't bad! But the Cavs had no less than 2 stronger prior identities. And this fits the Clippers stronger former identity. (although 4 years of baby blue in San Diego is probably not stronger than nearly 40 of r/w/b in SD and LA. I guess I just like it better and still see r/w/b as a non-identity.)
  7. So weird to brand the sport as ultimate and not ultimate frisbee. As if they could trademark or monopolize the word ultimate without explaining that it was frisbee related.
  8. This thinking can lead to Atlanta Hawks in blue. That belongs in St Louis.
  9. I played with it on Madden, simply combining creamsicle jerseys with the SB pewter helmet/pants. It would be a perfectly good alternate.
  10. Adding a little *more* orange is what would make the Super Bowl set pop a bit more, tie in better with the history, and allow a pallette swap orange alternate. Would have been the perfect update. Instead I fear they'll be like the orangeless Dolphins until it was recently fixed. Or the Jags without real. Why is it all Florida teams?
  11. I see a lot of love for the red helmets. I never liked the look of them, seemed very clunky. Granted - I was never aware of the falcons until the Glanville rebrand. Similar to that era, I preferred the white bolt Chargers over the yellow. I feel like these 90s looks were more "clean" as opposed to the "coarse" thick contrasting colors of the 80s versions. Some of this may be bias prefering the fresh/current look over the old look I was unfamiliar with. I feel the same thing about earl 80s baseball. Mainly block C Indians versus Wahoo. Yet I like the current block C without the white outline better than either. Early 80s Padres, Mariners, Braves, Rangers all seem to have the same problem to me. Too blocky, coarse, contrasty to me.
  12. I'm amused by the leak / non-leak nature of this. Since it's not a new logo it's fair game for New Era to release. But it's still a nice surprise and dare I say a de facto primary logo??
  13. Excellent way to add the red but retain the simplicity of the original. Is the beak too close to the Seahawks? Still better than the weird turtle head on the OG.
  14. Great news. Reports of no new logo were disheartening. But using the old logo? Very good.
  15. Seemed like there was a small rash of shortlived debacles/detours in the early 80s. 1984 Browns (real precursor to the current lame duck set!) 1979-83 Knicks. 1982-84 Nets. All preceded and followed by a long term/classic look. Silver Pistons, 81-84 Pacers, 80-83 Cavs, Orange Cavs, and inaugural Blue Mavs were also very shortlived.