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  1. The shade of green alone is enough to make me like it .
  2. Posted this on Twitter:. Mb ball in glove except as beer mug. M=fizz/head b = beer Stein and handle
  3. Still think green/yellow would be a unique look for the nhl, stars notwithstanding.
  4. Color scheme only. Obviously not the name.
  5. Sonics on ice to tide the fans over. No blue, distinguishes from Canucks. Green, yellow, +/- red. I say -red if it would mean awful red alts. Does metropolitans cause issue with the Mets?
  6. Once again I humbly request an oral history article on the 80s Nuggets unis and logo.
  7. Came here looking for discussion of the D on the Navy shell instead of Royal creating a de facto fauxback helmet. Any other examples of throwback decal on wrong color shell?
  8. But if you don't translate it, there's no point in doing it at all. Why should los/El be in front if "the" isn't.? The whole exercise is uninteresting the way they do it. That's the problem. Proper brand name translation is beside the point. If you don't translate, just use normal uniforms.
  9. I think it looks so much worse with the outline! More garish maybe?
  10. How could anyone but the clippers be considered the league's most expendable team? Now that the inevitable overshadowing by the Lakers is back to stay. If the Mets are the Yankees little brother and that's upper limit of inequity that's tolerable - how close are the clippers to that? A half decade of contention while the Lakers were in the dumpster brought them to Mets status - and unless Kawhi chooses them it's back to the status quo and worse.
  11. I only learned of the sale of the Spiders remaining assets to the proto-indians recently. But what does assets mean? Could it be as minor as leftover balls and bats?
  12. Contrary opinion. Love the bright shiny orange. Hate the matte sipe era pants. Looks like a rotten pumpkin . So drab and old looking to me.