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  1. Still early but...seems like teams and players are showing enough restraint that it's more fun/interesting than confusing/annoying. Probably aided by the fees for a vet buying out jersey stock. (I suppose stars have lots of stock but can afford it while nonames couldn't afford it but never had many jerseys printed. Works out well.)
  2. Just learned that Len Dawson notably did not want his number to be unretired.
  3. I would actually suggest the opposite! I remember WR Frisman Jackson wore Bernie Kosar's 19. It seems better to me for a different position to wear it. #1 could be retired for QBs but if a WR or defender wears it, it seems more palatable . Doesn't seem like they're usurping the place of a legend. Hate seeing young players call and ask. Seems rude putting a legend in a difficult position. Let the legend make the offer first (more likely for a veteran star changing teams. Did len Dawson offer 16 to Montana?
  4. Maybe the issue is white drop shadows? Seems ok on 80s yellows. But 70s had white numbers
  5. Interestingly, the only Cleveland Brown to take advantage of the change is JOK - and even 28 fits as a hybrid safety. Tony Fields is a similar small LB but his 42 was allowed in the last rule revision . Takitaki is already LB with 44.
  6. Rob Moore changed numbers?
  7. Agree but I'm still partial to the orange roads when they crept back into relevance.
  8. I kind of think they should bite the bullet and allow 3 digits in college.
  9. I like JOk 28 for the Browns but 40s would have been great for a LB/S
  10. You mentioned WRs earning numbers in the teens - that was ironic since I remember the opposite in the 90s. Udfa wrs got the teens and switched to the 80s if they made the team and the numbers became available after cuts.
  11. What was the AAFC system? I'm not THAT upset by the loss of a system that was only there since the 70s.
  12. Makes sense, once the teens opened up they became really popular. As a fan of Jerry Rice, 80s will always seem like a WR # to me.
  13. That's interesting. What era gave you that feeling? I was used to 80s for WRs and TE as an early 90s fan.
  14. Meant 1950s. My point was Paul Hornung #5 , Sammy Baugh #33. Maybe vestiges of when QB/RB overlapped . But 70s Rams had Deacon Jones 75, Lamar Lundy 85. Jim Otto 0. So when was the golden age of jersey number rules enforcement? The 80s? I'm curious about the history of the rule. That's when I grew up and the number system seems "right" to me too, I'll miss the organized system of it.
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