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  1. Yeah, that's what their players have been doing for 30 years!
  2. That's why I preferred the Spiders with a super old time look embracing the block font. Maybe simple stick figure spider logo or even web embroidery. But there's not much else to do with spider imagery without being cheesy.
  3. As a fan of the team I just see them as the most consistently heartbreaking, mostly because of financial issues breaking up contenders that were on the cusp. Not something to celebrate.
  4. I loved the old Fred McGriff Devil Rays palette. Would've been a nice choice. Even just as an accent.
  5. Look on the brightside, we may be only 5-6 years from the next near miss!
  6. I like the current without the outline, but no complaints here. New C is more distinctive and probably a stronger identity in the long run.
  7. The similarity of the feather crossed my mind. This and ____dians are acceptable nods to the past IMO. Kind of fun. I preferred Spiders and looking back...but if looking forward is the direction this is probably the next best.
  8. Old one seems too sparse. Complete stripe fills things out better and the blue manages to be tolerable. I like the number between the antlers but I think the deer head ought to be huge in order to work.
  9. As far as team name, I can't think of a worse brand than Nets. Inanimate equipment that only lends itself to way-too-on-the-nose netting designs. I've come to realize an alt jersey can clash completely, doesn't need the same palette as the primaries. Black and white primaries with RWB 70s/80s stripes alt works. Though I'd still like a full Dodgers crossover edition. Blue cursive Brooklyn on simple grays. Especially since gray and cursive both have been used in New Jersey Nets unis.
  10. Looks like a huge improvement to me. Orange trim and fewer words completely fix the wordmark and number and make it match and pop.
  11. The part on top reinforces my opinion that the primary logo is a piston in a chamber en face.
  12. Orange is underutilized. It's oven too beige and dull when it is used. Love the bold reddish orange like old shiny bobcats. Okc should make it theirs.
  13. If anything I'd be against locking them into a single potentially bad combo.
  14. I didn't think the pants really figured into the designations. If the white jersey is the primary road, switching the pants shouldn't change that. They need to make a 2nd version of white and call it color rush with a white helmet. In the meantime add some orange to the white road.
  15. 2 is probably right. But an alt white seems very plausible too.
  16. I wonder what the definition of logo from the team's history. Helmet logos only? Or other logos from sleeves and other media? I'm sure we have a good idea of throwback options, nut what team's will be mixing and matching novel hemlet/logo combos to use with alts and color rush?
  17. Still early but...seems like teams and players are showing enough restraint that it's more fun/interesting than confusing/annoying. Probably aided by the fees for a vet buying out jersey stock. (I suppose stars have lots of stock but can afford it while nonames couldn't afford it but never had many jerseys printed. Works out well.)
  18. Just learned that Len Dawson notably did not want his number to be unretired.
  19. I would actually suggest the opposite! I remember WR Frisman Jackson wore Bernie Kosar's 19. It seems better to me for a different position to wear it. #1 could be retired for QBs but if a WR or defender wears it, it seems more palatable . Doesn't seem like they're usurping the place of a legend. Hate seeing young players call and ask. Seems rude putting a legend in a difficult position. Let the legend make the offer first (more likely for a veteran star changing teams. Did len Dawson offer 16 to Montana?
  20. Maybe the issue is white drop shadows? Seems ok on 80s yellows. But 70s had white numbers
  21. Interestingly, the only Cleveland Brown to take advantage of the change is JOK - and even 28 fits as a hybrid safety. Tony Fields is a similar small LB but his 42 was allowed in the last rule revision . Takitaki is already LB with 44.
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