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  1. As an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, I highly approve of this Steelers throwback uni!
  2. This is the best one yet IMO! Excellent job!
  3. Maybe make both the helmet and collar logos white with a red outline?
  4. I looked up “fictional sports teams” on Wikipedia and managed to find this: Hopefully it will be of some use to you
  5. As a Bulls fan, the fact that it doesn’t look like a robot reading a book when turned upside down is already an improvement lol
  6. Excellent! I especially like how you incorporated the headdress stripes into the helmet.
  7. Based on the pictures I saw just now when I did a quick Google image search for “pharaoh sarcophagus”, I think the beard could stand to be a little bit longer. Maybe have the point of the beard be halfway between the bottom two rows of yellow stripes on the headdress?
  8. If this site had a "Like" feature, I'd definitely give this a like.
  9. I also found this from the Sports What Ifs thread on Just caught up with this thread and it's amazing!
  10. There have been three MLB teams that have based in three different cities over the course of their franchise history: - Braves (Boston, Milwaukee, Atlanta) - Athletics (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland) - Orioles (Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore)