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  1. The uniforms are good, but the light green should be neon because Vegas is usually pictured as the night
  2. Change the name to Vipers, then it will be a good team name. I'm not going to attempt to change the logo, because I suck at Photoshop. So, to describe, use only one snake, make it's tongue stick out, and voilĂ !
  3. You should also make a Seattle team because the NBA should have one.
  4. Like the white helmet. The home uniforms are nice, the away uniforms are perfection, but the all-red is missing any blue. Maybe use blue in the outline, because red and gray is a bit bland. The AFL throwback whites are 10/10.
  5. Scroll up, there is a button that says start new topic. If not, reload
  6. That actually looks good. Maybe color the socks on the home jersey?