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  1. Yeah that's true. It does look weird on the road because it's smaller. Just wish they would have centered them.
  2. It's not just the Road unis, the Home numbers are offset too. I don't like offset numbers, looks dumb on Charlotte's and Dallas's unis. And the timing is off but it almost is a signal that Charlotte isn't pursuing the Hornets name. If Charlotte does get the name back then the rebrand happens yet again.
  3. They did away with the keyline on the NFL logo so it didn't stand out. They didn't want the Panther to be seen.
  4. Don't have pics but it looks like Kemba Walker will be #1 and Bismack Biyombo will be #28 for Charlotte.
  5. Although I don't see a name change happening, I hope they go with the Spiders. Love the name and they can refer to the arena as Charlotte's Web.
  6. Odd that T-Mac would give up his #1 for Ariza. Must've been a hefty pay-off. T-Mac requested a change midway through this past season before Ariza even joined the team. So it wasn't a matter of paying him off.
  7. richie923

    MLB 2009

    I wish the Braves would make all their tomahawks the same on all jerseys. I wish they would make the blue tomahawks with red outline that you see on the alternates on the home and away too.
  8. Yeah I heard they have a black helmet which is supposed to be better than what they have now, but I haven't seen it.
  9. That's awesome, I have always liked that logo it's 10x better. Where did you get that information?
  10. Yeah I was getting ready to say the Carolina Panthers (Bank of America Stadium) has been doing this, just not with the midfield design
  11. I wish they would use the blue tomahawk on all of their unis, I love the look, and I think its definitely better than the red tomahawk