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  1. OK, I'm not up to speed on gloves apparently. Still, needs to be MORE prominent!
  2. Teams really need to start doing multi-coloured gloves again. They look so sharp. Montreal is the only team doing that on their primary uniforms I think right?
  3. something we agree on at last.
  4. Our point is, a loss is a loss for a business, large or small. It's about context, man. What's cheap to them is a fortune to us. $15 million is $15 million. Say you make $2k a paycheck. Would you like to loose $90k off of that? Chew on that.
  5. Thank you! Dude, that's what so many of us have been trying to say! Yes, they make millions or billions but still their lively hood. How would you like it if your boss said you would taking a 23% pay cut due to revenue loss during the pandemic, eh? Ask yourself that before calling the NHL owners "greedy" or saying that "They only want a quick buck." We had to increase a products list price by $4.00 per pound during this thing at my work. :censored: happens. Either adapt, or fold. If the NHL didn't do this, would we be looking at a 28team league instead because the owner decided the loss was too much and the risk too great. How does that sound? A few extra ads for the sake of thousands of jobs is a fair trade to me. Thank you for the numbers, my friend!
  6. I'll hold onto a bit of optimism for now thank you. In all honesty, I agree with both sides. The league will keep the ads, I'm sure, but I still cling to some hope that they won't. "There was never any hope. Just a fool's hope." I will always hold onto that fool's hope to the last. There's always a chance.
  7. Maybe instead of all this bitching about ads and $#!+, we could just stop bitching and see if they follow through on their word to get rid of it in a year. How's that sound? Oh, btw, the Canucks have said they'll be the Vancouver Grizzlies, but are keeping the Orca. /s, your welcome.
  8. Oh, I thought practice jerseys were indicators of team colours, or are you changing that now, mate? If so, guess the green Saint Patrick's Day jerseys mean that every team has two or three shades of green in their scheme. Guess that logic doesn't work, mes amis. And, yes, I did. I have a hard time ignoring ignorance like you have demonstrated.
  9. And yet the Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys didn't get any flack? I don't recall lavender being ANY team's colours, but hey. I'm the rookie right?
  10. Does it really matter if the helmets are the same colour anymore? I would think the majority of the uniform needs to be different enough (i.e. no Chicago v Ottawa RR) but the helmets aren't that big of a deal, especially since no one identifies the team primarily by the helmet anyways.
  11. The Avs-Knights will look sharp, but yeah, Flyers-Bruins would be brutal to watch. Any word on when full unis will be unveiled? Also, are any more alternates going to be released before puck drop on the 13th?
  12. Yeah, the navy looks good, but I think the yellow is Nashville's thing and that they can totally rock it. No one complains about the Rangers always using wordmarks on their jersey's cause its New York's thing. Let Nashville have their yellow as their thing. Also, does no one remember the Pens wearing yellow buckets in Lemiuex's rookie year? Or the Kings doing that in the Lakers era. Pretty sure Nashville isn't the first team to don yellow buckets in the NHL. I think with Nashville and Pittsburgh it works. With the Kings, not so much cause the socks are mostly yellow. Nashville's socks have enough striping to balance the yellow helms. Call me crazy, I know.
  13. That's freaking perfect, my friend! I absolutely love it, CreamSoda. That's perfect.
  14. I'd almost say blue helms and gloves with burgundy pants would be the best option.