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  1. Either way, lets hope its done tastefully and not as...distasteful as the MLB's Turn ahead the Clocks. I wasn't even born then, and I want to forget it...
  2. I used the Red Sox as an example that clearly the companies are willing to push boundaries even in the midst of a huge nostalgia trip. If they are willing to :censored: with one of the more traditional teams there, what's stopping Adidas from trying it in the NHL? Yeah, Dallas, Winnipeg, and Detroit sucked, but that's 3 of 31. I don't think Adidas is beyond trying some more out there s#!+ with more lenient teams in hockey. I could see Vegas doing something really dumb with their jerseys.
  3. Aye, but look at what Nike is doing in the MLB now. Adidas went radical with the European WCoH in 2016 and it was recently received. I could see them trying such an idea with a couple of teams. Don't forget the Stadium Series jerseys are a little out there. Remember LAs chrome :censored:...
  4. I stand corrected. Thank you, I honestly didn't know that, but then I only started following hockey when Vegas came in.
  5. And who had heard of Alex Tuch or Jonathen Marchessault until the Knights miracle run? Not many, I'm sure, correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt I am.
  6. They revised the rules because previous expansion drafts did not give a chance to even come close to contention. Atlanta Thrashers, anyone? As has been stated, Vegas was smart with their picks. How many elite players were on the original team? Prior to the Knights coming around, Fleury was the only one that was really a name player. Their roster hardly said Cup contender at the time.
  7. Agreed. I admit, I thought it was quite unfair that the Knights were so good, but then when I looked at their roster, I had to admit that the Knights were good because they were smart with their picks and earned their success. They were smart and did their research, so they earned their success. The NHL learnt from their mistakes in previous expansion drafts and Vegas' front office was smart with who they picked. Fleury was just the icing on the cake.
  8. Wrong term, same thing. You know what I mean. Folks talk of moving goalposts, but also, the sidelines have moved. If its straight design, we are able to talk normally. But with the ads, there's only a "right" or a "wrong" side. With these talks of ads, for some reason there is no middle ground. If other abominations of uniform design can have their defenders or supporters, so too can the ads. But hey, theology and rhetoric don't apply today, I suppose, do they?
  9. So, since I said it was cool to help pay for the bubble, but not after that, where does it put me? I hate the ads, just like I hate the weird chrome fad that's going around. You know what else I hate? The Stadium Series uniforms that are coming out. LA and Colorado's were horrible insults to hockey design, and a ton of you folks said that, no, its just progressive jersey design. Why the double standard? Why are we all of a sudden creating a right and wrong side for ads, but not a right and wrong side when it comes to "unique," "modern," or "progressive" design choices, like the chrome helmets or the 2019 Stadium Series?
  10. The black and white PPG logo almost looks like it stands for Pittsburgh Penguins Group, so that's a small blessing. Its a lot more bearable in black and white.
  11. Those are the best Leafs uniform they ever wore. Put the modern leaf on the front and its perfect!
  12. MOD EDIT: Quote removed. Oh, I don't have a problem talking politics (with reasonable people who listen, not just talk and/or shout), but some things need to stay separate. Uniform design is one of those that doesn't need to be tainted by politics.
  13. No, just someone whos tired of politics messing with everything I care for.
  14. Did you really have to bring that goal up? It still stings, and I'm primarily a Sens fan.
  15. That just completely changes the design and would make it very heavy. The white cuffs are beautiful and look amazing. It would be too black heavy if they did that. Outlined numbers like that can go get f****d. Its a stupid design choice that has no place in sports design of any type. Even Timbits hockey. The only way to fix those jerseys is to burn them and try again. Philly needs to stay away from black jerseys cause their logo just disappears and looks REALLY bad on a black background.
  16. Damn, the RRs make the alternates look SOOO bad. I always hated them, but the RRs just make them look so underdesigned and a little too trendy, like the Oilers'...poor attempt at an alternate uniform. The alts for Philly look like they were trying to a bad NHL version of the NFL's colour rush :censored:.
  17. Well, that's twice that we've agreed. These jerseys, minus the helmet ads, should be their primary jerseys, with the white and orange flipping for the away jerseys.
  18. Good god, no! The jersey, yes, the cooperalls NO!
  19. If they have to do navy, go like that, and then have either an orange or royal base for the alternate and BINGO! Perfect look.
  20. The navy looks gorgeous! I still prefer the royal, simply cause its brighter, but I wouldn't complain if they went with the navy.
  21. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I loved the original McDavid jerseys. That entire set is exactly how I picture the Oilers, despite growing up in the navy and copper McFarlane era. The original McDavid jerseys are the greatest look the Oilers have had, and the collar is honestly my favorite part of it. It is so unique and something that helps make the Oilers stand out from the other teams. Its a cool quirk that they could totally have run with. Its a shame that they moved away from it.
  22. You're all wrong. Bob Probert and Marty McSorely are the greatest! /s Seriously though, Gretz and McDavid are the best with Ovi and Datsyuk close second and third.
  23. OK, I'm not up to speed on gloves apparently. Still, needs to be MORE prominent!
  24. Teams really need to start doing multi-coloured gloves again. They look so sharp. Montreal is the only team doing that on their primary uniforms I think right?
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