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  1. Here ya go, not really my cup of tea but tell me what you think!
  2. Just a bump to see what y'all think, might do some colorswaps with different color palettes.
  3. After a long while rethinking it, i decided to remake it with the shape of DC! An example of a transfer station is L'Enfant plaza, so I decided to use cubes, instead of triangles for them. Regular station with other railroad transfer, Union Station Feedback always accepted!
  4. in my free time, i did an away and home for the Astros late 90's colors. check it out! (i think the back numbers are too big, but let me know what you think!) HOME AWAY
  5. Maybe I make this a Houston Astros Remake/Revamp thread. I do want to do the old 1994-1999 logo too.
  6. Here's two versions of the sand uniform, one has pinstripes and one doesn't. I tried it without a vest style this time. Let me know how you feel about these.
  7. I changed the core color of the star on the alternate As for the away, I changed the gray hat and I do find it to be better than what I originally had, thanks Discrim!
  8. I've always liked the Houston Astros brick & sand logos and colors, and so I decided to whip something up really quick to make them look better. I decided on a vest and undershirt combo because I think it works well with the railroad colors. HOME AWAY ALTERNATE c&c is always appreciated and I love to read y'all's comments.
  9. The point of the triangle is for it to be interchangeable, with any line color being able to replace the red, and also being able to flip the triangle for a station that's above ground. If there are any other shapes you'd like me to try with it, please suggest some. Anyways, onto the next line, the blue line.
  10. The downward triangle has significance in the exact way you guessed, that most of the system is underground, and can be flipped accordingly on the map for an above ground station. The metro already uses terminus names to determine the path you are going towards (example: the station I frequently use, Forest Glen Station, has two platforms separated by which way you wish to go) so wayfinding wouldn't be much of an issue and the map would make sure to indicate very clearly which means up, or down.(given that the map would work this way, because I'm not very confident that that system would be very efficient but it's the main idea.) The plan is to mesh with current metro branding, and keep the brand consistent and familiar with longtime commuters of the metro, and the line iconography is all consistent with two letters (BL, SV, YL, GR, and so on) so its crucial that we keep the iconography consistent so people can recognize it.
  11. On that note, I'll start going with the line displays. First up, the Red Line. I'm using the old shape first and then I will adapt it into the diamond shape. Small Badge for usage on maps and compact usage on dedicated trains. c&c is always welcome and appreciated.
  12. The silver can't go due to it being a line in the metro system, as for emphasizing the M and the metro, there's not much i can do for that, i scaled down the line colors, and made the M and the metro bigger in this version. c&c is always welcome and appreciated -Edit- I just noticed the M mark from where I moved it to while resizing the line colors, sorry for that!
  13. I left the silver there for the Silver Line, and I don't have an official color code for the MTA's light rail Purple Line which will connect to multiple metro stations. As for addressing your criticisms, I formed it into a diamond shape (I think that's what you meant by gem, right?) and added an official WMATA purple to the lines. c&c is always welcome and appreciated
  14. A new logo I designed for the Washington DC Metrorail System. I took inspiration from this old thread I found while looking at raysox's sports work, and realized that my beloved home city's subway system needed some color to the logo, so this is what i came up with in photoshop. c&c is always welcome and appreciated, if you want to see more than tell me, there is more from where this came from.
  15. I really, really, really hate the St. Louis Blues jerseys. The dark blue doesn’t look good at all to me and I feel that they should just put more yellow into the jersey, or replace the dark blue with their old red.
  16. in my opinion this whole re brand is just awful all around. first of all the impact name was great, it just needed a new logo and new vision. the new logo looks like a ski company, i wouldn't have been surprised if i saw that on a jacket i found at dick's sporting goods. With a brand as bland and as unoriginal as every MLS franchise that's been added to the league since 2011. It's clear and obvious that the MLS wants to be like every single soccer league in Europe instead of being something distinctly north american, and i think that that is what has me losing interest in this league every passing moment. There is nothing to cheer for in the MLS, its colors behind a city, and is there really an identity to go with that city when its just FC this and SC that? How do you root for a team with no name? and that's the reason why the MLS couldn't care less about unique brand identity, as long as it gets them to be closer and closer to their big brothers in Europe that they've always wanted to be.
  17. Any baseball templates for someone new? i use photoshop for my images and affinity for wordmarks.
  18. Always wanted to see these uniforms in a black jersey and purple pants, and it is surprisingly good!
  19. I love the combination of the silver and mint green, but I really think that shark needs some teeth. Without an expression he looks like he's having an existential crisis.
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