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  1. Alternate helmet SHELLS for every team would suck. Additional shells for every team should only be for throwback purposes. However this leaves out the Dolphins, Ravens, Bengals, Texans, Chiefs, Raiders, Giants, Bears, Lions, Panthers, and Cardinals. These teams have basically worn the same color shell for practically their entire history. I feel like that could become an issue logistically, even though I would love to see Bucco Bruce and Pat Patriot return.
  2. they also wore orange sporadically throughout the fifties. That could be another possibility.
  3. Thanks! That brings us to the Chicago Bulls. I combined their traditional look with their 2019 city edition style that is based on the Chicago flag.
  4. Up next, the Phoenix Suns. I combined the wordmark and font from the 70's era, and the logo from the 90's (on the shorts) to create a uniform that favors orange prominently (similar to their current uniforms). C+C are appreciated.
  5. Much like the series NHL just introduced, I felt that I would give my own take on what NBA teams past looks would like like with color schemes from other points in their history. Please enjoy Boston Celtics I took inspiration from the 1960's road uniform and combined it with gold accents that the Celtics have used throughout their history. Not a real radical look, but i think its pretty solid.
  6. Very cool set. I would remove the "a" from the sleeve logo and add a red alternate jersey and pant option.
  7. Those orange unis would be the best in the league if they were real. That ball logo is so underutilized
  8. I agree. That might be my next thread. If you gave me a few teams I could do a few mash up concepts on this thread if you'd like.
  9. These are also based off of your suggestions for the alternate uniforms.
  10. I fixed the shades of green on these Bucks and Celtics jerseys. I also eliminated red from Milwaukee's scheme in lieu of light green accents reminiscent of the 80's uniforms. I hope this is what you were envisioning.
  11. I decided to make some NBA concept jerseys that were a little more thoughtful than Nike's current sets. C+C are always welcome and encouraged! Atlanta Hawks I’m so glad the Hawks got rid of volt green as an accent color. I wanted to give my take on the baby blue city jerseys. I believe this is a timeless look that would work in any era. Boston Celtics A darker shade of green is the only major change here. The Celtics are a team with no need for an overhaul in their team identity. A gold-outlined reminiscent of the 1980’s shooting shirts is a subtle touch for an alternative look. Brooklyn Nets A new “Nets” wordmark adds a little bit of contrast between the home and away looks. Overall, a clean look that receives minimal changes. Charlotte Hornets The Hornets are a 90’s team, so I gave them 90’s-esque uniforms. Darker teal is used on the throwback white alternate as an accent. Chicago Bulls The block “Bulls” and script “Chicago” wordmarks are straightened out in these renditions of the Classic bulls looks. A black alternate is a welcome addition to the uniform lineup. Cleveland Cavaliers The Cavs have had a very confusing identity for the better part of the 21st century. A removal of black and a return to navy helps to potentially straighten out these issues. A fauxback white uniform utilizes the retro 1970’s Cavs logo and colors. Dallas Mavericks Another messy identity is straightened up with the use of only two different wordmarks. A kelly green alternate brings memories of the one used in the 2000’s. Denver Nuggets Powder blue makes a return to the Nuggets repertoire, and another fauxback presents itself through the rainbow alternate. Detroit Pistons The 80’s uniforms become the full time attire for Detroit, while the turquoise 90’s alternate becomes a throwback option. Golden State Warriors A western font was mixed with the Run TMC uniforms to create this look. The Warrior’s logo is too good not to be put on both the jersey and the shorts. Houston Rockets The panels on the home and away shorts offer a solar feel and the two alternate uniforms are, get this, more fauxbacks. Indiana Pacers Elements like shorts stripes and the Indiana logo were taken from the Pacer’s current look while the wordmark and number font resemble past looks from Indiana. Los Angeles Clippers A rendition of the Clippers current wordmark is combined with their previous logo to create a uniform that is BFBS free. Los Angeles Lakers Not a whole lot of changes to see here. The black alternate pays tribute to Kobe Bryant. Memphis Grizzlies The Vancouver color scheme returns, however the wordmark is extremely simplified from the 90’s uniform. Miami Heat Bright red and orange symbolize the city of Miami much better than their current color scheme. The Vice alternate matches the rest of the uniforms much better in this redesign. Milwaukee Bucks A bright green returns along with the use of red as an accent color. The 4th uniform is a tribute to the Mecca, and its unique floor. Minnesota Timberwolves Neon green’s role is reduced to just an accent color, and for good reason. New Orleans Pelicans A “New Orleans”wordmark becomes a bold aspect of the identity, while reds takes on a stronger role in the color scheme. New York Knicks Another classic look gets minor updates. A brand new white and navy alternate takes some inspiration from the Yankees unmistakable look. Oklahoma City Thunder Navy takes on a more prominent role in this new modern look for the Thunder. Orlando Magic Multiple eras of Magic basketball appear in this uniform set that features a lighter shade of blue and a gray alternate. Philadelphia 76ers Script wordmarks are on the forefront of these designs, along with the simplification of featuring only one logo. Phoenix Suns A blend between the 1970’s and 90’s uniforms produces a look that features gray as a heavy accent color. Portland Trailblazers This design offers a more clean, sleek approach to Portland’s identity. Gray is eliminated entirely from the set. Sacramento Kings The script “Kings” font returns while black and gold alternates reminiscent of th 90’s also appear. San Antonio Spurs A very solid NBA uniform receives minor tweaks. Gray is more prominently used as a main color. Toronto Raptors The cartoon dino, along with purple return to bring back the classic 90’s look. Utah Jazz Purple replaces navy, and a green uniform brings a Mardi Gras feel that connects with the “Jazz” name. Washington Wizards Minimal changes to an underrated NBA uniform set. The white alternate is reminiscent of the “Bullets” days.
  12. Nice look. I think adding the thin helmet stripe to the pants would take it over the top.
  13. I think purple pants would look best with a white jersey, and potentially the black one. In regards to your next post, I don’t see an issue with going out of order.
  14. I like the use of block numbers for the Ravens, but would love to see purple accents on the white jersey and pants, or potentially a purple pants option. That being said, you’re 3 for 3 on these first designs.