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  1. This would have easily been the best looking game of the week, in my opinion. What a shame.
  2. That’s fair. I agree that teams like the Broncos, Eagles, and Patriots are a little bland. However bland is better than the gaudy garbage the Browns, Jags, Bengals, and Bucs were wearing just a few years ago. I prefer the the bland uniforms a team like the Jags or Saints wear as opposed to the over-designed uniforms the Cardinals, Rams, or Titans wear. I’m just pointing out that there are fewer gaudy looks now then there were 5 years ago.
  3. I’d say the rams look worse. Atlanta at least has consistent branding across the board. Honestly the NFL looks better now than it has in recent memory. The browns, bucs, colts, jags, lions, bengals, and chargers all look better now than they did in 2017, while I would argue that only the rams, jets, and titans look worse now versus four years ago. (I’m indifferent on Atlanta and New England’s redesigns compared to their previous uniforms) Minus the fact that white socks being worn with white pants is gaining inexplicable popularity, and a few bad identities, (cardinals, Titans, jets, falcons, rams) the aesthetic state of the nfl is pretty good right now.
  4. This is ultimately really good. I would use red undershirt/belts/socks at home always. I also don’t like the white piping on the red jersey and the red piping in the blue jersey. I would switch those two. Again, this looks great, overall.
  5. At this point, with Browns fans showing a strong affinity for the orange pants, and the introduction of the throwback with white pants, I would be in favor of just throwing out the brown pant option. It’s easily the worst look they have (assuming they never wear the color rush again), and there is no need for 4 possible combinations they could wear with a white jersey. I would wear brown/white for home 1:00 games, brown/orange for home nationally broadcast games, white/white for road 1:00 games, white/orange for road primetime games. I would sprinkle in the throwback for 1 home game, and maybe the Christmas Day game @ Lambeau.
  6. I would just use their current word mark in white on an all maroon uniform. Maybe work in light blue accents
  7. Other than CC Sabathia, Kenny Lofton, Omar Vizquel, Corey Kluber, Jim Thome, Cliff Lee, Michael Brantley, Jose Ramirez, Shane Bieber, Trevor Bauer, and the countless other great players who played in Cleveland. The Indians were arguably the most consistently good team over the last 25 years. Implying that Grady Sizemore is the only good player other than Lindor since ‘96 is ridiculous.
  8. This would be great if the numbering and lettering was all white with a red outline. I would also use the traditional Red Sox number font instead of plain block.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/_amp/indianapolis-colts-throwback-uniforms-1950s-week-12-buccaneers
  10. That is such a good looking uni matchup
  11. https://ramsnewlook.com/ no tv numbers
  12. I’m a fan of what you did here with the Cavs. I think the icon is a little gold-heavy, which maybe stems from the solid arm/collar piping. Being from Cleveland, I cringe a little when I see “The Land” on shirts or jerseys, because no one around here really uses that term. For the association, I would think about a “Cavs” wordmark instead. I really like the association and the cavfanatic look. Nice job overall.
  13. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/01/kansas-city-chiefs-white-on-white-uniform-combination-teased-for-2021-season/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  14. 4 with gold pants, or 6 with white pants would be my favorite alternate uniform in the league.
  15. I completely agree. For example, The Browns look very mediocre in their primary away white jersey/brown pants, but look great in white or orange pants. Switching between Jersey/Pant combinations help teams like the Chiefs, Bucs, Browns, Giants, WFT, etc, (who seldom wear alternate uniforms) keep their identities fresh, without sacrificing much of their branding.
  16. I hope Packers vs. Browns at Lambeau on Christmas is a throwback game.
  17. Alternate helmet SHELLS for every team would suck. Additional shells for every team should only be for throwback purposes. However this leaves out the Dolphins, Ravens, Bengals, Texans, Chiefs, Raiders, Giants, Bears, Lions, Panthers, and Cardinals. These teams have basically worn the same color shell for practically their entire history. I feel like that could become an issue logistically, even though I would love to see Bucco Bruce and Pat Patriot return.
  18. they also wore orange sporadically throughout the fifties. That could be another possibility.
  19. Thanks! That brings us to the Chicago Bulls. I combined their traditional look with their 2019 city edition style that is based on the Chicago flag.
  20. Up next, the Phoenix Suns. I combined the wordmark and font from the 70's era, and the logo from the 90's (on the shorts) to create a uniform that favors orange prominently (similar to their current uniforms). C+C are appreciated.
  21. Much like the series NHL just introduced, I felt that I would give my own take on what NBA teams past looks would like like with color schemes from other points in their history. Please enjoy Boston Celtics I took inspiration from the 1960's road uniform and combined it with gold accents that the Celtics have used throughout their history. Not a real radical look, but i think its pretty solid.
  22. Very cool set. I would remove the "a" from the sleeve logo and add a red alternate jersey and pant option.
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