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  1. It literally doesn't get any more BFBS than the Flames. They're the Flames, not the Ashes, Cinders or the Burned Remains. Black shouldn't even be used as a trim color, let alone a secondary color lmao
  2. You're overreacting lol. Seriously comparing those gorgeous jerseys to the turds the Bills and Sabres were wearing in the late 2000s? Because of a couple white stripes that help the jersey feel more balanced?
  4. I get what you're saying, and I agree with most of those examples except you can tell the blue leaf is still a leaf, the jaguar with a teal tongue still looks like a jaguar etc. The puck in navy blue doesn't look like a puck anymore, just looks like a weird blue stump. Again, the black is fine. Changing it to the next closest color (well, other than charcoal of course) seems like a lateral move at best, you said it yourself, it's barely noticeable, so why change it? BFBS in reverse lol
  5. Hot take warning: The Oilers need to completely change their logos and colors. If not for the 80s dynasty and Gretzky, we'd be seeing their logo and colors for what they are, an extremely dated product of the 70s that has aged horribly. I think going with navy is a step in the right direction at least. We need to take off the nostalgia goggles, going retro sometimes work when the team got it right the first time but imo, the Oilers don't apply. They were onto something in the 90s with the oil worker shoulder patch and copper as a secondary color, not quite it, but it was something. The McFarlane thirds were also onto something, that logo was better than the dated roundel with the disco font and silver and navy is a good color combo that's not used much in the NHL
  6. I know at some point in the late 00s-early 10s, the Canadiens' royal blue helmets were a shade or two lighter than the royal blue used by other teams, if that's still the case, Bauer should have just shipped Habs helmets to the Avalanche. Would have been closer to steel blue than what they have now
  7. Wasn't it only CCM though? I remember the Cooper helmets looking just fine Wrong. Objectively, it would look worse. Black has always been a trim color at the very least on Avs jerseys, there's not even a stitch of navy blue on any of their home and away jerseys
  8. FTFY. Red isn't as noticeable as other colors but if you had a red CCM helmet in one hand and a red Bauer helmet in the other, you could tell it's slightly different. Bauer's shade of white has always been a bit more dull. Their navy is darker. Green has a lighter and more saturated, etc. It's no big deal most of the time no one would notice. Maybe the second batch of steel blue Bauer helmets will be less royal
  9. Can't remember where I read that and it could have possibly just been a lie lol, but I recall reading that the black gear was supposed to be temporary. They probably figured, what the hell black gear doesn't look that bad, let's keep it
  10. Ha. I knew it. Looks like regular royal blue. Oh well. The blue gear doesn't look objectively bad or anything, but it doesn't feel like I'm watching the Avalanche yet. It might take a while until I get used to it. They look good, but it almost has a 3rd jersey feel to it. No sure how to put that into words, hope that makes sense
  11. Don't hold your breath. Maybe they only meant the patch. I can't remember the exact wording but that press release was vague and confusing at best, some people even thought they were gonna wear blue helmets with the away jerseys at some point
  12. The Habs are wearing theirs against Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Edmonton twice. Edmonton is the only team that has a white RR, so maybe they also wear theirs in one of those two games. I'm guessing the new divisions have foiled the plan for teams to wear their RRs against each other, if there was one to begin with
  13. That clears it, thanks. Not sure whey they kept the red numbers from the old set. Looks cheap