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  1. Extremely disappointing. Why keep that crappy stealth jersey around if it's already been shelved for a year and you have not one but TWO better options? Mind boggling. The modernized logo still hasn't grown on me after all these years and neither has the orange trim. They got it right the first time and the late 90s redesign was pretty good for the era, maybe it would look a little dated now, but the Edge jerseys were massive downgrades imo
  2. Full disclaimer, I'm a casual football fan at best so I have no idea if this is actually an unpopular opinion or not, but solid colored socks have really grown on me. Especially when they're not the same color as the pants but sometimes I don't mind the leotard look. So much better than the alternative, which is nearly every player wearing his socks "incorrectly". Solid socks are probably seen as a nothing more than lesser-evil option on here I'm guessing? IMO, these look good Say what you want about the Rams, they look better than the Cards in this one, mostly because of the Cards' outdated jerseys but also because they're all wearing their socks differently to the point were it just looks uncoordinated and random What the hell is this? Again, say what you want about the mono-black look but at least it looks like a uniform in every sense of the word. There's a cohesive element here, all the players wear black pants and socks and they look like a team Last example, the Lions look so much better than the Texans here. Just a more complete, cohesive and professional look
  3. Gotcha. The irony is not completely lost on me lol. Like I said, I usually hate those type of jerseys. San Jose, Dallas, Philly, TB, all garbage imo. This one feels different for some reason, maybe it's simply because it doesn't have hollow numbers? That's what I hate the most about this trend
  4. I always thought changing the sock striping was a big mistake when the league switched over to adidas. Sure, the new sock striping looks more cohesive now but it messes with the color balance so it's a lateral move at best. The red pants looked less out of place with the thick red stripe. I'm not a fan at all of the all navy look, reminds me of my minor hockey years when our jerseys were modeled on the original CBJ third jerseys but no one bothered to buy the optional red pant shells with a thick vertical navy stripe and white stars on top, kinda like the 70s-80s Capitals, so most players just had black or navy pants. We also had the same number font as the Thrashers. So basically our uniforms were based on three of the worse franchises ever lol. No offense
  5. Sure it's trendy but it's dark navy and has no white on it, it's literally the opposite of loud. Still has the outdated logo. If it was up to me, the Oilers would start from scratch. Logo, colors, everything. Maybe even the name. I said hot take, remember? You don't have to agree I think the stripes are too thin and there are too many of them, but yeah, I guess I agree that the jersey itself isn't necessarily bad, I just mostly hate the combination of too many stripes and colors that are too bright. The logo is also ugly imo. The font looks awful. I kinda like the current white jersey. If they just made a navy version at home (without an orange yoke though), I'd be fine with their uniforms. Could be better but could be worse, at least it's not royal blue. You're right about the Leafs too, I guess technically the Oilers jersey is more of a late 60s carryover See, that's exactly what I'm talking about. If the 80s Oilers had sucked and Gretzky had played on a different team, I genuinely don't think many people would remember those jerseys fondly. Anyway, you and I have argued about the Oilers before and we're never gonna agree on that particular subject. No point in repeating the same things again. And I especially disagree with the comparison to the Habs and Red Wings and even the Islanders lol. The Islanders pull off those colors so much better because of the thick stripes, no yokes and white numbers on the home jersey. The colors are balanced expertly imo Yup. Let's hope more teams follow their lead and start to experiment a bit with their RR, 3rd or Winter Classic gear. Another idea could be wearing tan gloves once in a while for an O6 team like the Habs, especially if the goalie also participates
  6. Hot take incoming: Their 3rd jersey is the best they've ever looked (or maybe close second to the McFarlane 3rds). I usually hate trendy "stealth" jersey but this one just works imo. I wouldn't be mad if they made a white version and kept the Gretzky era as a 3rd jersey for the people out there who are blinded by nostalgia and like corny, loud and outdated 70s designs lol
  7. Ha! I called it earlier in this thread. I always thought teams should alternate equipment colors once in a while, kinda like in the NFL (Nashville with navy helmets, Dallas with Victory Green gear hopefully, St Louis in royal blue gear maybe, for example). They look very good, with the white jerseys at least. I like the red pants better though, I think there are too many teams with navy blue pants already
  8. I like both lol. Some people don't like the "of Anaheim" part? I guess I've been living under a rock all along
  9. I've always wondered what the Blues would look like with the exact same jerseys but with royal blue pants, helmets and goves instead of navy. And agreed, they need to bring back the yellow numbers on the home jerseys
  10. So is it just me or do the Panthers really need to switch to light blue helmets? The logo would need a white outline obviously. And there needs to be at least another red helmet team. Even just one. Falcons or Bills, whatever. Not enough red in this league imo
  11. Incredible. Good stuff once again. My only gripe is the color balance on the away jersey, which is almost always a problem, even with concepts. Maybe an additional burgundy stripe? Burgundy sleeve cuffs? Shoulder yoke?
  12. My turn to be pedantic lol. Eggplant isn't the same as purple and jade isn't teal either. It definitely IS a unique color scheme. The Hornets, Jazz and Diamonbacks were purple and teal and they looked nothing like the Mighty Ducks. It may have been a twist on trendy colors of the early 90s but they made those colors iconic
  13. That's an unpopular opinion? I think their current set with the light blue alternate is a modern classic and better than what they used to wear in the 90s and 80s Agreed. Their white jersey does look great