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  1. Well of course everything is relative. It's restrained compared to the late 90s Kings set and it's busy compared to the Red Wings jerseys. No need to be pedantic. I think you understand what I meant. I already explained why I thought it was a busy jersey. And again, busy isn't inherently bad. Depends on your point of view. I happen to think their jerseys are okay. I feel like they should have gone with seafoam as the primary color and I kinda dislike how 2021 the logo looks with the thick keyline and all (so that it looks better in tiny social media thumbnails) but that's just my opinion and I realize it's unpopular. They certainly could have ended up with garish and/or cartoonish jerseys, you're absolutely right
  2. Yeah I know but it's the Coyotes lol. I wouldn't put it past them to keep the howling head away jersey for one more year. Why wouldn't they unveil the new jersey at the draft? Nothing they do ever seems to make sense anyway. Maybe I'm just impatient!
  3. You mean that's NOT a Stampeders jersey? lmao
  4. They're still using the howling coyote head on their official website and on the NHL's website where they're announcing the draft picks, so that's puzzling. Somehow I'm not convinced the rumors are true. Either way, what a mess. This team can't do anything right
  5. Why not salmon pink then? Or just a bright, pinkish red? That would fit with the aquatic theme and provide more than enough contrast When did I say it was too complicated? I just said it was busy, which it definitely is. Nothing wrong with a busy jersey. But the gear looks very plain in comparison, and why not go for seafoam blue gear, they're an expansion team, no one is gonna be up in arms because it's not safe and traditional. I always thought one of the strongest element in the Knights uniforms were the home and away gloves. I don't think a seafoam stripe on the pants at the very least would ruin the set by making it too loud. And even then, they're allowed and maybe even expected to be loud, they're an expansion team with no prior history
  6. Light blue/seafoam would make more sense. I'm not even sure whey felt the need to add red to their very aquatic color scheme. At least with the Knights it kinda made sense because of the Welcome to LV star shoulder patch. Is there a famous red landmark in Seattle or something?
  7. It's already a busy set with plenty of stripes, a gigantic logo, a shoulder patch and 4 colors (5 if you count white on the away jersey!). There's no "high level of simplicity" on this set lol. If anything, pant stripes would just make the whole thing look more cohesive
  8. Indeed! I'm still looking at the website ahah. I definitely noticed the rise and fall of the pointy yokes. Which sucks cause I think it looked cool. Another trend that seems to be slowing down even compared to just 10 years ago is the double outline on numbers
  9. I'm kind of surprised the Coyotes haven't unveiled their new/old away jersey yet. I feel like the draft would have been a perfect opportunity
  10. Either that or take the bold and brash approach with seafoam blue pants! Or maybe just seafoam blue gloves. Not the helmet though, that would just look weird lol
  11. Wow I never noticed but you're right. I'm looking at late 90s uniforms on The NHL DB website and full sleeve yokes were huge back then, like almost a third of the league. Now it's down to Colorado, Columbus, Philly and Winnipeg (being the only team with a relatively recent uniform, and they only use it on the away jerseys). To a lesser extent, Washington. If you count RR jerseys, you can add 3 teams (SJ, TOR, NSH) but that just goes to show how trendy full sleeve yokes used to be It would be interesting to start a "uniform trends throughout the years" thread, and try and find similarities across different sports. Teal and purple in the early 90s and darkening existing shades in the late 90s are two obvious trends but I'm sure we could dig deeper and find truly fascinating stuff lol
  12. Funny, I'm not sure if you said that because you remembered my comment but I'm the one who requested the storm jersey ahah I love that Panthers concept by the way. They should have never switched to beige imo. Blue and red with yellow as a tertiary/trim color is such an underrated combo
  13. Funny, the 06 Ducks redesign has really grown on me after all these years. The black ones at least. I used to hate them and obviously, they should have never went away from the Mighty Ducks colors but I still find those black jerseys alright. Maybe it's because it's an upgrade over their current set which is awful, save for the orange alternate
  14. Is it me or do they kinda look like the Vikings in GB Packers colors?
  15. I dunno. The blue Sabres logo looks fine on their blue jersey. The black Flyers logo looks awesome on a black jersey. The Habs make their red logo work on a red jersey with a blue chest stripe. There are ways to make it work and they could have pulled it off I think No **** lol. What I'm saying is that seafoam should have been the primary color. I'm still hoping the gloves are seafoam blue or that the pants have a thick seafoam blue stripe at the very least. Solid navy gear would look seriously boring Now that you mention it, the shoulders do look a little bare lol. Can't unsee it now. Jersey is ruined for me
  16. And a contrasting stripe between the two similar looking light blue bands on the sleeves. The more I look at them, the more I like the white jersey and the less Iike the navy one. It's just so dark, it reminds me of a jersey that could have been introduced in the late 90s. Also, the thin red stripe thing, if I were Vegas I would be pissed cause they clearly took inspiration from the Knights jerseys. Why not a seafoam blue home jersey?
  17. Which is pointless because the people who buy knockoffs don't care about how accurate the details are. As long as it's "close enough" and most importantly, only $22 on some shady overseas website
  18. Right! I remember seeing those on Icethetics now. Or maybe on here, can't remember. Not bad but it feels kinda like an ECHL jersey to me in a way that I can't describe
  19. Devils and LA, I'd be more than okay with that. Pens, yeah I guess the RR is slightly better than the gold 3rd. They're both very "meh" imo. Jets, hell yeah. That would be nice!
  20. Devils: bringing back the red and green throwback? Penguins: double blue throwback? Jets: probably just one of the WC jerseys promoted to full time? Which is a shame imo, I loved the light blue 3rd with the Jets script LA: no idea
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