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  1. I like both lol. Some people don't like the "of Anaheim" part? I guess I've been living under a rock all along
  2. I've always wondered what the Blues would look like with the exact same jerseys but with royal blue pants, helmets and goves instead of navy. And agreed, they need to bring back the yellow numbers on the home jerseys
  3. So is it just me or do the Panthers really need to switch to light blue helmets? The logo would need a white outline obviously. And there needs to be at least another red helmet team. Even just one. Falcons or Bills, whatever. Not enough red in this league imo
  4. Incredible. Good stuff once again. My only gripe is the color balance on the away jersey, which is almost always a problem, even with concepts. Maybe an additional burgundy stripe? Burgundy sleeve cuffs? Shoulder yoke?
  5. My turn to be pedantic lol. Eggplant isn't the same as purple and jade isn't teal either. It definitely IS a unique color scheme. The Hornets, Jazz and Diamonbacks were purple and teal and they looked nothing like the Mighty Ducks. It may have been a twist on trendy colors of the early 90s but they made those colors iconic
  6. That's an unpopular opinion? I think their current set with the light blue alternate is a modern classic and better than what they used to wear in the 90s and 80s Agreed. Their white jersey does look great
  7. Victory Green pants and gloves would have looked soooo good
  8. Agreed In an ideal world, the Wild Wing mascot would have been in the eggplant jersey and the socks would have been white. The dark socks make the uniform seem extremely bottom heavy. And while were at it, the solid gloves suck. They needed the jade cuff and fingers and the silver and white trim. Such a half assed uniform When you want an NFL Color Rush uniform but your mom says "we have NFL Color Rush uniforms at home"
  9. Booooooooooooo Looks like a pee wee team that could only afford one pair of socks. That's just stupid. Ruins the jersey imo
  10. Yeah I know. I'm really hoping they frigged up and that it's just a small misunderstanding. I have no idea how any of this works but if they were told and not actually shown the socks, maybe there's been a mixup about the Ducks saying they would be using home socks or something, but they meant home as in white, the way it was in the 90s . Also, this is a very minor mistake most people won't notice but they got the gloves wrong for Calgary and Buffalo
  11. I've made my opinions known about helmet ads earlier in this thread and I'm not interested in repeating the same stuff over and over again so I'll just post this meme lol In an effort to make my post a little more uni related, I'm really looking forward to the Ducks wearing their RR tonight. I just hope they won't be wearing dark socks. I guess we'll find out soon!
  12. True, they darkened the teal twice if I'm not mistaken. The OG teal was a little too light and blue-ish imo but the second shade of teal they used from the late 90s to just before the awful Edge redesign was perfect. The new teal is a little too dark and green-ish
  13. Not bad at all. The teal names and numbers are kinda hard to see though. Maybe white outlined in teal and/or black would look better?
  14. Depends, would you say the Wild Wing jersey is "absolute complete moral degeneration"? I still like that jersey no matter how goofy it looks cause Paul Kariya was my favorite player growing up
  15. Right I forgot about the Penguins. Still, only one or two small mistakes is impressive for EA lol
  16. Didn't mean to take credit for your concept, it was just a random person who posted it on twitter and they obviously didn't credit you either lol. But good job, looks great
  17. EA have been surprisingly spot on so far with the RR jerseys. I'm really hoping this one is just a mistake. Dark socks would look awful with white jerseys and helmets
  18. Well, not sure who you were quoting but those are all very corny and awesome in the same heavy 90s nostalgia way. The Mighty Ducks jersey is probably ranked a bit higher for a lot people because Kariya and Selanne were absolute superstars and made them iconic. Those were dark days for Islanders fan and the Coyotes were just as irrelevant back then as they are now. Context is important in this case I think. Nostalgia can cloud judgement and good taste lol. Not sure what you meant by "same level". You're implying the Ducks jerseys are better or worse than the other two?
  19. Those are all teams with huge fanbases though. Well except maybe NYI. But fans will buy anything. So who knows? If I had to guess I'd say Nashville and Columbus are also near the bottom. Maybe St Louis? I'm assuming most people who loved the 90s jerseys already bought the blue one recently so the red one probably feels a bit redundant
  20. I dunno. You could be right, I don't think it's fair to assume that people hold the Fishermen jerseys in the same regard as the Wild Wing or Peyote jerseys but I could be wrong. I did find this list and the only thing those 5 best selling jerseys have in common is they they were all worn at some point in the 90s, so maybe you're onto something. Then again, the RR version of the Lady Liberty jersey was pretty damn lazy too and it sold well so I'm not sure what that means exactly I'd be curious to see who were in the bottom 5 though lol
  21. That's the thing though, I'm not against wacky designs, I've always wanted a Mighty Ducks Wild Wing jersey and I love the Coyotes Kachina uniforms. I even like the Fishermen jerseys myself. But do people actually wanna see them again? This board doesn't represent the general population, far from it. It doesn't even accurately represents die hard fans. Not many people care about jerseys beyond "this looks fresh" or "this looks like :censored:". I'm not sure the Fishermen jerseys in teal would have pleased a lot of people, let alone Islanders fans who were around in the mid 90s or Lou. I'm just saying the navy RR may look boring to you, but in a nutshell, they actually look great. It's a solid jersey and it makes sense for a team run by Lou Lamoriello How many people would have bought these, realistically? Even on this board, most of us I assume would have been amused to watch game highlights but I think the novelty would wear out fast. Sure, they could have worn them for two games only, but they can wear the navy RR 6 times and look good and the only ones complaining are jerseys nerds on the internet (no offense, I'm one of those nerds and I'm proud of it lol)
  22. Yeah they look good Well, since their normal jerseys are already retros, I'd say they didn't miss the point. What did you want them to do? Teal or orange Fisherman jerseys? lol
  23. Good stuff, I really like the alternate jersey, but the contrasting nameplates need to go on all 3 jerseys