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  1. Mixing and matching could be cool. Burgundy pants and gloves would look better than blue with the away jerseys. Probably not gonna happen though
  2. The gloves were boring. It's kinda become a new trend for gloves to be boring in general, except for Vegas pretty much I know, I'm just wondering why the Avs are the only ones doing it
  3. You can't trust EA with uniforms. This isn't new. And if you consider the gloves part of the uniform like I do, they regularly get those wrong as well. Didn't they show the Preds RR uniforms with navy helmets too? Anaheim wearing colored socks makes no sense, pretty sure they also got that wrong
  4. Well the yellow socks had a white stripe in the middle back then, so technically it's a reverse of the socks they wore with the black jerseys How come they're the only team breaking in all their different colored gear? I can't wait to see Anaheim's RR equipment. Will the gloves and pants be period accurate or will they go with boring 2003-2006 solid eggplant?
  5. This. It already looks dated and it's obviously gonna age like milk. The old logo was timeless
  6. The Habs are also wearing theirs 6 times. I also thought it would be worn 2-3 times. Good news for most teams. Bad news for Leafs and Wings fans lol
  7. I don't want the NHL to become like the NBA in the way they have too many uniforms but maybe a bit like in the NFL where they do a little mix and match with already existing elements for a completely different look, like when the Saints use gold pants instead of going all black. It could potentially be nice if teams started wearing alternate gear instead of alternate jerseys every once in a while. Like the Preds did with the yellow helmets at first. If I'm not mistaken, they were only worn on Saturdays in the first season of the new yellow jerseys. Maybe the Avs could break out the burgundy RR gear once a in while with the away jerseys especially. The possibilities are endless, maybe Dallas with green pants, helmets and gloves on Saturday nights. Tampa with black gear. Vegas already has two sets of gloves, maybe pairing the home gloves with the white jerseys for a more traditional look. Some of the Reverse Retro gear could work with regular uniforms, like Columbus in navy pants with their regular jerseys. Maybe I've been watching too much football lately but this could be cool as long as it's an occasional thing and no one starts using white pants for a Color Rush ripoff lol (ahem Dallas)
  8. My bad I posted a little too fast. Still, the point is operating income has increased steadily for the last two decades. Unsurprisingly, finding info on how much profit they make from merchandising and stuff like that is hard to find. I'm skeptical as too how much money they're actually losing
  9. He's just repeating the same thing over and over again. He conveniently ignored the link I posted that says the league made over 5 billions USD profit in 2019. But of course, the league would have totally folded without those helmet ads, we just don't understand economics and how business is done cause we're dumb and caring is lame
  10. Navy helmets, yellow Oakley sticker. Buffalo switched to royal blue and Nashville wears yellow buckets. Wasn't that hard, and guessing is fun lol
  11. You just didn't chew on it enough
  12. Of course $15M league wide is gonna help, at the very least it's not a loss. But it's a rain drop in the ocean from a league that made 5.09 billion USD in 2019 and that is already saturated with intrusive ads. Sacrificing the integrity of the very best uniforms in sports for chump change, essentially
  13. They're all last names that can't really be translated except for CT, what are you even talking about? There's enough :censored: slinging in this thread lol. Please leave the language issue out of this
  14. Helmet numbers? Still comparing apples to oranges I see. Ads on the ice? There was no internet for people to voice their displeasure back then lol. ASG sponsors? Well, nobody actually cares about the ASG and whenever you hear about it, it's never positive, it's been seen as a joke for as far back as I can remember. Outdoor games? Well I find the ads annoying but it's a once a year thing so it's not comparable to helmet stickers, since it's not even shown in a tangible way most of the time, correct me if I'm wrong but the sponsor isn't even on the WC patch the players wear on their shoulder. In a vacuum, yes it's just swapping decals on a helmet, but you're just arguing in bad faith at this point. You seem like a smart guy, I feel like you're just playing the devil's advocate in this thread, there's no way you actually believe the Leafs swapping a blue leaf logo for an ugly red corporate logo doesn't matter in the slightest and that we, as sports uniform enthusiasts should just accept it and not see anything wrong with it. It's not that it's only the helmets that are off limit, it's that at some point, we feel like there are enough distracting and ugly ads all over and around the playing surface and that the uniforms the players wear shouldn't be soiled with ugly corporate logos. The measly $15M it brought didn't make enough of a difference to be seen as THE one thing that saved this season. Stop repeating that, it's just not true. It's nothing more than a convenient excuse. And damn, my team didn't even get hit the hardest, the ad they went with actually matches the team colors at least, if I were a Penguins or Predators fan, I'd be fuming right now lol
  15. Context lol. Context indeed. Profit has skyrocketed over the last 20 years. There are enough ads already, the ads on the helmets barely bring any money in the grand scheme of things and looks like crap from a sports uniform enthusiast perspective, which I like to think you are as well if you're on this forum. The NHL has made almost a billion dollars in expansion team fees alone in the last few years, they were gonna lose money either way with the pandemic. Season played out or not. I get that they wanna make as much money as possible (greed) but the owners are literally billionaires, they're the least likely to be affected monetarily by the pandemic, I don't feel bad for them at all. Most hockey teams are actually losing money every single year, this is nothing new. Reposting this link again I wasn't actually being serious, I figured a ridiculous statement deserved an equally ridiculous reply. But yeah, it's ironic how you support the owners wanting to make as much money as possible by shoving as many ugly ads as possible down our throats (especially when you have no personal or financial stake in this matter) yet the idea that the teams bringing in the least profits in the league could be moved or folded to actually help the remaining team's finances is heartless and mean. Objectively, the league would be better off without a couple teams that are bringing nothing to the table. Anyway, that's besides the point
  16. I don't even know where to start with this one. Is there an "ignore" feature on this forum where I could hide this dude's posts? lmao Yes, the league would have totally folded without the HUMONGOUS $15M league-wide profit on helmet stickers. 28 league team? That sounds great actually
  17. Won't somebody think of the billionaire owners?
  18. People didn't believe us when we said the greed wouldn't stop with helmet ads. "Slippery slope" they said
  19. To be fair, I think he mostly went for the ads most commonly seen at the Bell Centre. Pretty spot on
  20. I dunno buddy, I don't think those two players/situations are comparable at all so let's just respectfully agree to disagree. Too many factors involved, it's all very subjective
  21. I know all of that. I know they wanna make as much money as possible (which is the definition of greed, by the way). I'm sorry you had to type all of that for no reason. We're not even disagreeing on that, all I'm saying is I don't have to like it even if I have no choice but to accept it TLDR version: The owners are being greedy, deal with it
  22. What does this have to do with anything? Felt like throwing in your 2 cents? Pretty sure they didn't even lose money, they just went back to 2007 levels of profits lmao. Greed, man. It knows no bounds Quiet, SOCIALIST!