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  1. RoboPen is on the home, away and alternate helmets
  2. Hopefully Colorado switches to blue numbers on away jerseys, but I guess that's not really a major change
  3. I don't mean to be a dick or nothing, but you're wrong about every single one of these lol. Even the Panthers. It's just a recolored version of the original red jerseys
  4. Couldn't agree more. I actually prefer this inverted version of the logo. This is what they should have went with. I have no idea how to post instagram links on here, hope it works lol
  5. That's a fair point and it might explain why I find their RR so underwhelming. Not that it's bad but it's clearly not as good as any other jersey they've worn in the past 20 years imo
  6. Wow! Baby blue helmets. I'd love to see that
  7. Yeah I think you nailed it. "Generic" is the word I was looking for. Perfectly describes those Blackhawks jerseys By looking good on paper I meant, there is no piping or anything weird. It's a solid, classic hockey jersey with clean horizontal stripes, it just also happens to look a little generic. If I signed up for a beer league and those were my team's jerseys, I wouldn't be mad is all I'm saying lol
  8. Harsh words, but I agree with the general sentiment lol. They just look... meh The stripes, colors, logo, everything looks good on paper. No weird gimmicks, no contrasting nameplates, gradients, chrome trim, white pants, hollow numbers, or weird color that isn't in the team's usual color scheme. So why does it look so disappointing?
  9. Pretty sure they can win at least ONE game in those blue jerseys. Saturday, March 20 vs. Vancouver Right?
  10. I guess "bone" is light grey. The gold/yellow is different though
  11. Oh I totally pulled that number out of my ass lol but the point is, what the players wear on the field/ice is kinda irrelevant to us since we don't even have access to those jerseys cause even "authentics" aren't even close to what the players wear in most cases. Especially in football with the baggy cut and 3/4 sleeves "authentics" vs form fitting and short sleeves on field jerseys. All the tech and breathability in the world don't really matter if you're just watching the game on your couch
  12. Wow these jerseys definitely exceeded my expectations. I thought they looked great when they first came out but the whole uniform on ice looks gorgeous. Is this the only time a pro team has used royal blue, athletic gold and light grey? Cause this looks great imo
  13. Just looks weird to me. Not saying it doesn't make sense, just saying I don't personally like it. If I were in charge, I would have shrunk, lowered or tilted the logo until I can fit the letter on the "correct" side. But that's just me I guess There you go. Still looks like a pain in the butt to sew, look at that R lmao I tried sewing down a number kit on one of my jerseys recently, and wow it's way harder than it looks. And it was just a regular block font!
  14. It would be next to impossible to find reliable stats across different sports but counterfeit jerseys blur the line even further. To make matters more complicated, basketball and football have mid level options (swingman) available. Anecdotal evidence but when I go to hockey games, I see more knockoffs than replicas and authentics are excessively rare. When I go to CFL games, it's 99% replicas and 1% game worn since it's such a small league that counterfeiters don't bother making fakes and game worn jerseys are actually priced reasonably lol
  15. I feel you. I never liked any of the variations on the classic block font
  16. But think of the (assistant?) equipment manager who's responsible of sewing all those names on the jerseys lol. Oooof. Does anybody know if they use kiss cut for the red outline? Especially for the NOB. I can't imagine every layer is stacked and sewn individually with such a fancy font
  17. I think they're kinda stuck with those Edge holdovers until Ovechkin retires and they start the rebuilding process. Just a gut feeling
  18. The thing is, I"m way more passionate and knowledgeable about hockey than football lol Not sure what you're trying to say here, not sure I want you to explain either
  19. Yeah you know what, I'm not even sure what the original point I was trying to make is anymore lmao Either way, I'm sure we can both agree that they were due for another rebrand/overhaul and that hopefully it should be better and a bit more timeless/less trendy this time around
  20. I know, what I'm saying is why should it make a difference if they choose the first letter of the team name over the first letter of the city they play in. But @OnWis97 gave me a satisfying answer
  21. What I meant is that it wasn't a complete makeover like when the Patriots switched to Flying Elvis for example
  22. Alright, so it's bad cause it's not old. Got it Oh fair enough. When you put it that way it makes sense. Not something I would care about but I get why some people would feel that way. The redundancy, I mean
  23. So? It represents the team. Maybe I'm biased cause my favorite team's logo is a C that stands for the team's name, but I don't see anything wrong with that And boring is subjective. Do you find the Cubs logo in your avatar boring? Cause it's not objectively much different from the Bengals' B logo
  24. To be fair, I'm not a fan of their old white uniforms either. They're the kinda team that I want to like really bad, cause I think the helmet looks cool and all, and in theory the tiger stripes should look cool too so I like the concept, but the execution feels off to me. Even on the 90s uniforms. Some teams look better in white to me, like the Dolphins, especially in mono white, but the Bengals to me look much better in all black