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  1. Looks even uglier now. Instead of just going with single layer silver. Or maybe even with a silver-blue-silver double outline. But no, they had to double down on the hollow numbers. I really hate this trend. The game is just too fast for hollow numbers, it works in baseball and could work in football probably, but not hockey
  2. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of color on color to begin with, but choosing to do so versus CBJ is just weird. Detroit and Carolina would have made the most sense
  3. Red is absolutely needed or they would be the most drab and lifeless looking team in the league by far without that little splash of color
  4. Just a tiny little bit brighter. I'm not saying they should switch to Rangers royal blue Yeah I guess you're right. My problem is mostly with the Lightning to be fair. They need to be a black and Hawaiian/electric blue team
  5. It's from Icethetics. I actually emailed him to ask if he could do the same thing for every color but he still hasn't replied lol. You can find those same color codes on so you could do one yourself if you felt like it
  6. Hot take incoming: I actually don't like that particular shade of blue the Leafs, Canucks and Lightning use. It looks fine in person but too dark from a distance. And for me, the worst offender in this category of jerseys that look too black and white in dimly lit rinks, is the Blackhawks away jersey
  7. I know they've tested light blue ice before, but I wonder what a very, very light grey or off-white would look like. I do think that in a dark room, a hockey game that goes into OT can get tiring on the eyes, and of course it would help jerseys stand out a bit more probably
  8. My guess is that yes, they tried to match the gloves. The Coyotes run on a tight budget, a new set of gloves just for the RR jerseys probably didn't make a lot of sense for them. In an ideal world, the gloves would have been the same as they wear with the Kachina jerseys but with green and red swapped for purple and orange, or maybe just solid black with tan or orange lettering
  9. I have no strong opinion on whether they should be a red or navy blue team. Doesn't matter which color they choose for the primary jerseys, as long as they use the other for the alternates imo. With that being said, I prefer the leaping panther and slightly cheesy palm tree and stick identity to the SUPER SRS, NO FUN ALLOWED weird military stuff they're going for with their current uniforms. I'm also not sure whether I like tan or yellow stripes better. Yellow is brighter and more fitting for a Florida team, but tan also makes a lot of sense cause it matches the logo and the actual Florida panthers, and frankly, red, navy and tan is not a bad color scheme at all. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Pelicans are the only other team in the big 4 using those colors
  10. I do think the Kachina jerseys could use an upgrade to make them a little less dark and muddy. They really are a product of the late 90s and it shows. These are the kind of jerseys that look gorgeous in person and up close, but yeah, things get a bit "lost in translation" even with HD game feeds on modern TVs Let's politely agree to disagree on the Panthers though lol
  11. I prefer the original by a mile. The got it right the first time. Where are the whiskers on the updated one? lol As for the roundel, let's leave that to the late 2000s and pretend it never happened. The palm tree, sun and stick shoulder patch is also much better imo. Just the right amount of cheese for a south Florida team
  12. I don't think a white version would work cause the desert landscape has to stay the same color. Unless they keep the purple shoulder yokes, they would be a purple and black team at home and a white, orange and black team on the road The Kachina jerseys are anything but "bland"
  13. Curious choice to go with the regular gloves instead of the Kachina gloves. Oh well. Still looks good. They managed to pull off purple and black jerseys that don't look like the Kings at all. Pretty decent
  14. My goodness, that's a beautiful hockey jersey. Probably the best the Panthers have ever looked imo
  15. The Blues look just as lazy with their mismatching navy blue gear
  16. The numbers would be much easier to read if they were the same color as the jersey. The white numbers on the red set look especially hard to read from a distance Slightly better because the white numbers are mostly on black or red stripes
  17. Same old illegible numbers problem, though
  18. Agreed. They can really pull off the white gloves. Never thought I'd see that in the NHL, other than at the ASG. Which is why I was so underwhelmed when Seattle unveiled their uniform. Solid navy gear doesn't look bad by any means but it still feels like a missed opportunity to me
  19. Yes. Mismatching on purpose to end up looking like a CHL team. Not a good look
  20. I am disagreeing lol. You said you like when minor league teams do that, my point is, exactly, let's leave that stuff to the minor leagues
  21. Exactly. Looks way too minor league. Like a small market team that can't afford two sets of helmets. No thanks
  22. Excellent. How about Victory Green gear with the RR?
  23. It's kind of what the Flames and Rangers did though. Similar in spirit, lazyness and/or a middle finger to the league for forcing them to wear a RR, either way, there was nothing Reverse about their Retros. Leafs and Wings too, to a lesser extent