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  1. It was kinda dumb to unveil the jerseys modeled by regular people in street clothes. Most of them were wearing jerseys that were about two sizes bigger than they needed. So far, I think all the RR jerseys look better on ice, with the matching gear and obviously, worn in the correct size and with shoulder pads, as intended. I get why they did it, but it was still a bad idea
  2. Well, for one, actual yellow is underused and athletic "gold" is overused. Nothing wrong with a true shade of yellow. But the "I'm not sure how anyone can feel any different" line is this thread in a nutshell
  3. I don't mind the segment, but that does look better!
  4. I think the idea was to blend the current era jerseys to the 90s ones. Either that, or they just got lazy and went "eh, good enough" lol
  5. White helmets. Looks pretty good
  6. Turns out EA was more accurate than I first thought. Too bad, I kinda liked the yellow helmets
  7. Wouldn't put too much stock in cherry picked comments in a newspaper. Confirmation bias imo. If they had made a poll where 10k Minnesotans had answered, now that would be reliable pp river xD
  8. It is one of those trendy 90s singular team names, but is it really worse than yet another uninspired angry animal name like Bears, Wolverines or Wolves? FWIW, I also like Avalanche and Lightning
  9. Just not seeing the point. Seems like a weird and unnecessary compromise. It's not like the Wild have awful colors or uniforms, in fact, they're the only ones with that color scheme in the big 4 leagues, I think that's worth something
  10. Didn't mean to sound like a dick, sorry. I'm just bored, don't take this personally. To be fair, I don't think I've ever encountered many people who hate the name Wild, other than on these message boards. Granted, I don't live in Minnesota. Norths, Nords and Nordlys are too close to Nordiques imo
  11. Imagine thinking Nords, Nordlys or Norths is somehow any better than Wild lol. If you want the North Stars name back, don't settle for a cheap, half assed imitation. Norsemen? Do they also need to switch to purple and gold? Come on. I do agree that they need to bring back the OG uniforms in some capacity, maybe not full time but at least once or twice a year
  12. That's funny, but no. I don't think there is anything wrong with the Wild wearing Wild colors for their regular jerseys and North Stars colors every once in a while
  13. "very well thought out and are strong designs" and "quick, money grabs" aren't mutually exclusive. All of the RR are basically just retro jerseys, except with different colors, how is that unrefined? Even saying rushed together is inaccurate. Some do look uninspired either by choice (NYI) or by color constraints (Toronto, Detroit), but yeah sorry, I've agreed with many of your posts before but in this case, I do think you sound a bit like a contrarian person who hates fun lol. I do agree that many people here often have knee jerk reactions to uniforms on this board, I don't think they should switch to those full time either, once in a while is perfect, they do have a nice set of jerseys in hunter green and red
  14. The caption on the photo I just posted was "Dress Fresh" on the Wild's twitter page. They're owning it at least lmao
  15. Yup, that does look pretty good. That logo just works in green and yellow. Just not sure about the yellow numbers, like everyone else
  16. Oh sorry I didn't mean specifically the Packers/Steelers/Chargers' gold but just in general. I have no doubt in this case they use the same exact shade of yellow but then again, don't the Packers use a different jersey manufacturer than Nike? What about the pants, who makes them?
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that only applies to logos on paper, and not necessarily jerseys and equipment. Unless that only applies to hockey? If I'm not mistaken, the Blues vintage 3rd jersey and the Jets light blue jerseys on paper are a different color (albeit only slightly different) but the actual jerseys are the exact same color Could you shed some light on this?
  18. That's a beautiful patch. I prefer that to just a white number in a black circle
  19. That gray is a couple shades too dark imo
  20. Weirdly, I don't hate these. Orange gear is loud but for some reason, I don't mind at all