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  1. Ah nevermind, I thought mono blue was their "default home" uni. It was only worn twice in 2020
  2. Rams? And is this a Bengals player on the upper right? They wear black pants pretty often, no?
  3. No I didn't, I'm just saying if that picture was taken today with the same teams, you'd see a lot more variety in number fonts and pants color. Sorry for the misunderstanding lol
  4. That new brighter shade of royal does look very good. The helmets look great on the field imo. They really pop
  5. Yeah I know it's a semi-recent thing. I'm just saying a little variety doesn't hurt Shh, don't let that get in the way of fellating the 1997 Rams look as superior!
  6. Wow, there's a lot of block fonts in that picture. And pants only came in 3 colors back then? Agreed, the more I look at the 2020 Rams, the more I like them
  7. The font, makes the logo look extremely dated. You can immediately tell the logo was created in the 70s just by looking at it. And beyond the logo, the white jersey looks good and is well balanced but the blue jersey is way too loud and has too much orange on it. And every orange jersey they've worn has been an eyesore. Could still use a tweak or two, like making the oil drop bigger and having less drip on the letters and switching to a sans serif font , for example But yeah granted, it mostly amounts to "I don't like it". Pic related, the Oilers jersey if it were a living room
  8. Yeah and my point is, it's looked awful for 47 years and counting. The Flyers don't need to change their logo, it doesn't look dated. But they did anyway like the poster after me said, and it didn't stick because their logo is already pretty much perfect. They're one of the rare teams that got it right the first time If every single O6 team has tweaked their logo several times to keep things fresh, the Oilers can afford to tweak theirs. No O6 team has gone down the "Bengals road". They can modernize the logo without dumbing it down
  9. I'm not a baseball fan, so I can't say anything about the Yankees in particular. Wouldn't say that's a bad argument. A lot of old uniforms are super quirky and just cause something is old, doesn't mean it's good or that it's timeless. Some old stuff is just bad and dated. I get that it's all very subjective, but some things are more subjective than others lol. Like the Bruins wearing yellow socks with their black jerseys, if they came out today, some people would hate it and some would say it balances colors better on the uniform because of the yellow shoulder yokes. If the Oilers logo came out today, people would absolutely hate the font used in the logo, and for good reason. Not sure why that's a "bad" argument. Old things are exempt from criticism? AKSHULLY, I sure can. I'm not an Oilers fan and I've never seen Gretzky, Messier or Kurri play in those jerseys. This uniform has no meaning for me, no context. I grew up watching hockey when the Oilers were navy and copper. I feel like my opinion is as unbiased as it gets, even though my own personal tastes may get in the way
  10. As in, all that success in the 80s has made people view this dated logo with rose tinted glasses. Nostalgia is a very real thing. That logo should have stayed in the 80s though. Success can make a crappy logo tolerable sometimes, and in this case, that logo is mostly associated with greatness, not with being a good logo
  11. Yikes indeed. They look like absolute garbage especially against a team like Detroit. Bush league. You know it's bad when the goalie looks like he's wearing pads from the team he was just traded from and his new pads aren't ready yet
  12. Everyone is complaining about the orange jerseys being too bright and ugly and now you want them to wear orange pants full time? No
  13. If they don't wanna go back to eggplant and jade full time, the orange jersey needs to be the new home jersey and they need to make a white version to go with it. How can a team with such great options continue to wear those piping and phantom yoke atrocities. They don't even need to hire people to make new jerseys and logos, they already have all they need
  14. Oh if the Ducks are in orange, nevermind then. They look great in those. I'm too lazy to check but if I'm not mistaken, I don't think there are any RR vs RR games save for the outdoor games?
  15. Why are they wearing those RR vs Anaheim? That matchup is gonna look awful. Granted, most uniform matchups look awful when the Ducks are involved, but still. Seems like a waste to me
  16. Couldn't agree more. Without Gretzky and the Cups, they would have changed the logo and jerseys a long time ago
  17. IMO, this really highlights how bad the orange cuffs look. Right jersey without the orange cuffs and current solid navy blue gear would be the ideal amount of orange for the home jersey. Then maybe keep the ugly orange jersey as the third option since management really seems to like it
  18. Are you sure? Cause I can think of about a dozen exceptions to that rule lol
  19. Agreed. The white jersey is much easier to look at. The Islanders did a much better job at balancing the colors on their blue jerseys. IMO the problem is if they remove the excess orange on the shoulders, cuffs and numbers, they end up looking too much like the Islanders. I think it looked a little less garish with solid blue gear. Right before they switched to navy and copper
  20. As a hockey gear nerd who doesn't know much about football and even less about football gear, this was very interesting. Thank you
  21. Oh okay so just an old timey quirk basically? Like the Cowboys and their mismatching silvers? Yeah this bring the uniform down a couple more notches for me, unfortunately
  22. It's a big CAPITAL W on the chest lol. Does that count? Why specifically 3 seasons? Anything I'm missing? Ownership? End of league wide contract with adidas? Such an arbitrary number
  23. Again, probably just my outsider opinion, but I don't get what is so great about those uniforms. The horns look good, but the lack of white on the jerseys really bothers me, makes the pant stripes look out of place. I'm guessing the helmets are supposed to be royal blue but they couldn't due to the one helmet rule?
  24. Yeah, I never said it was the perfect uniform. Doesn't look that bad to me, I know some people have a theory that certain colors shouldn't touch, I tend to agree, except in this case, I don't think it looks that bad. Probably looks different on the field with natural lighting conditions or with stadium spotlights though
  25. That's a good point. The hockey teams that use vintage white at least try to make the jersey look old school. But then again, that's kinda what I like about that Rams jersey. It looks bone white rather than just dirty white. Looks like they did it on purpose, if that makes sense Well let's agree to disagree here. At least on the football field, there is no huge playing surface to compare the bone white to, which makes the bone stand out a bit less You're right about the Bills, BUT even without the mono pants and socks and gradients, they still managed to look worse than the Rams imo. The Rams also don't use piping and vertical stripes either which should never, ever be on hockey or football jerseys. The Cards and Bengals should leave those to basketball teams. Somehow, I think it works for the Broncos though. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree once again. Again, could just be my hockey background that makes me say that. Kinda like when people who I'm guessing are football fans say they like white hockey pants, they just don't get it lol. And neither do I, probably. But I still feel like of all the things you could dislike about the Rams unis, the bone color is the one that is the least offensive to me. Then again, I don't like any other jerseys the Rams have used in the past. Just my outsider 0.02$