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  1. gar·ish /ˈɡeriSH/ adjective adjective: garish obtrusively bright and showy; lurid. So no, not garish at all. It's just a trendy "stealth" jersey. They might have looked good in the early 80s but it's been almost 40 years now and they haven't won anything since. Time to move on. Just cause it's old doesn't mean it's timeless
  2. They looked like a bad team cosplaying as a good team from the late 70s-80s. It was fine as an alternate worn a few times a year for nostalgia's sake, but it looks incredibly dated and garish now
  3. It's the same as when every other team had a double blue alternate and/or a roundel logo ten years ago
  4. I think it was the Oilers. Last season when they introduced their third jerseys with no white on it, I think
  5. I don't think the current logo is any good. Just an average 70s logo that looks very dated, especially with that weird Western/disco/70s psychedelic font I know, that's my whole point. Without Gretzky and those Cups, they would have changed that logo a long time ago. Nostalgia is one helluva drug lol. Also again, just my opinion but the Islanders logo while not great is a bit better and their jerseys are a million times better, I love the thick stripes. I think the Islanders have very underrated jerseys. The Oilers' mix of bright colors and use of way too many thin stripes just doesn't work imo
  6. I dunno, you're entitled to your opinion but that looks great to me. Now swap the orange for copper or maybe add some silver trim and we're talking! ahah
  7. It's a simple logo, it would be comparable to the Flyers, Flames or Blues. Better than the Lightning. I can't see why it couldn't be used as a main chest logo
  8. Exactly! But no, not just the cuff roll in yellow lol. They needed an old school Rangers or Canadiens (or North Stars!) color scheme on the gloves. Like these but without the black
  9. Wow that shade of green looks GOOD. But hey, yet another example of those boring gloves that only have a contrasting cuff roll. How about some yellow on the fingers and thumb? Too much to ask for?
  10. Coyotes? There's no rule. That's just your opinion
  11. Gotcha. Honestly I think that's a better logo than what they have right now. Way more timeless and clean. Well, I mean the solid version not this one with the bevel/shiny effect
  12. There you go. Thanks. I wonder how well it would work as a main chest logo but it's at the very least a solid shoulder patch. And I like the navy and silver color scheme. Or maybe navy and copper. Anything but orange and blue, really lol
  13. Subtle, but that does look a lot better. Step in the right direction for sure, but I don't even think the text is needed. Or maybe just much smaller and without the drop on the letters Something like that maybe, just with the oil drop taking more space in the circle. They have a logo I've never seen before on the tarp in the stands over their bench. Wish I could find a picture of it, I thought it looked pretty good
  14. I don't like the thick white stripes at all. Also, it just looks mustard yellow from a distance. Nope
  15. Yup. Perfect. No need to change or add any stripes on the jersey if you go with blue numbers
  16. I really liked the blue version of the diagonal wordmark third jersey from the 2010s, even more than the current navy alternates. Those were just boring and unnecessary. Unpopular opinion?
  17. They also added the lightning bolt back on the pants. So adding burgundy to the gloves and pants is definitely doable
  18. They don't actually need contrast. Bright red and gold looks bright and warm, it works just fine. I prefer a White Hot C to Burned to a Crisp C, but that's just me I guess The Leafs comparison doesn't work. The Flames look better without the black because in the context of a fire, black represents things that are no longer on fire and just burned and dead, you don't want that imo. BFBS is ”a reference to teams that gratuitously add black to their uniform design even though black was never one of their team colors.", so the Flames? I like how you contradict yourself on that one while giving other examples of teams that did the very same thing. None of them needed black, but it's definitely worse for a team called the Flames. Nice mental gymnastics there to convince yourself that the Flames adding black to their scheme in the 90s at the height of the BFBS movement somehow isn't BFBS because you think it looks good. Why are you even talking about the Islanders? Whataboutism at this point lol. With that being said, I think the black Blasty jersey looks great. Probably because it looks like a completely different and also partly because of nostalgia probably. But only as a third/fourth jersey
  19. It literally doesn't get any more BFBS than the Flames. They're the Flames, not the Ashes, Cinders or the Burned Remains. Black shouldn't even be used as a trim color, let alone a secondary color lmao
  20. You're overreacting lol. Seriously comparing those gorgeous jerseys to the turds the Bills and Sabres were wearing in the late 2000s? Because of a couple white stripes that help the jersey feel more balanced?
  22. I get what you're saying, and I agree with most of those examples except you can tell the blue leaf is still a leaf, the jaguar with a teal tongue still looks like a jaguar etc. The puck in navy blue doesn't look like a puck anymore, just looks like a weird blue stump. Again, the black is fine. Changing it to the next closest color (well, other than charcoal of course) seems like a lateral move at best, you said it yourself, it's barely noticeable, so why change it? BFBS in reverse lol