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  1. Rebel Edition? Coming from the NBAsphere of all places?
  2. I put the even because the trope of a mediocre big applies to him less, not that I view him as being less of a player than TT and Javale haha Though frankly the gap isn't that big even if he was an allstar back in the day, it isn't like I am grouping those two with prime Hakeem
  3. NBA doesn't need to expand but if they do really only Seattle and Vegas are actual options. The league has no shortage of mediocre markets for their stars to begrudgingly play for a handful of years before whining themselves out of town, if they are gonna water down their product further they are only going to do so for a market worth going to and Louisville ain't it. Not every mid-sized city needs to have pro teams just because a few exceptions like Buffalo still exist as legacy markets
  4. Drummond really isn't good but Lebron has history of making trad bigs like TT, Javale, and even Big Z look much better than they really are. Probably more of an impactful move than the scavengers feasting on the carcass of the Magic or the Nets grabbing up a pair of washed PFs actually.
  5. I was wondering what I was looking at initially but I see the tri-corn hat a lot more than any elephant. Would make more sense too because the patriot motif fits the userbase more accurately than a symbol associated with an establishment they are against (neoconservatism)
  6. Feel like Phoenix makes sense as a city. MLS doesn't seem to face the same issues in transplant cities that the big 4 leagues do as seen in Atlanta, Orlando, and likely Miami once they get a real season in. Huge population and despite the transplant factor has shown to be a competent sports market, Coyotes aside. Think Vegas would be a matter of too much too soon imo, they just got shiny new objects with VGK and the Raiders and it wouldn't shock me if they got an NBA team within the next 10 years. San Diego makes sense too. Feels like a boring option but I get it: they probably don't want to cheer on LA teams and are a big city themselves. Louisville just feels like a Boise/Omaha/Tulsa level city. Guess their location makes sense and they'd be a feel-good market. I think Tampa would be a good addition too. Florida is a huge state with a lot of growth and even though Orlando and Tampa generally root for each others' pro teams they are pretty distinct cities, with Tampa particularly being an emerging market. I'd go PHX, SD, and Tampa here personally
  7. They should have kept the teal imo. I know they are gonna be thought of as the W Lakers essentially regardless but the extra color gave them more personality Logo itself it boring but whatever. This league just can't seem to keep itself away from mediocre and forgettable identities
  8. Was about time for Orlando to blow up this roster, they were truly sitting in purgatory. Also, this seems like the first time Ainge has traded for player since Monroe, wonder if he is feeling his seat finally getting warm
  9. I'll never understand this. Yes, Jordan and Montana never lost a championship, but that just means they choked earlier in the season which doesn't help their case at all. But, anything to discredit Lebron and Brady possibly being better than the childhood heroes of oldheads I guess.
  10. This could also be a case of the Texans knowing all along that Watson is a serial rapist and keeping it covered up for NFL reasons for years, only to let it be known via a third party once it has become apparent that he doesn't want to play ball anymore.
  11. Sounds very suspect all things considered, but I wouldn't dismiss it as a hoax right off the bat. It isn't inconceivable that a male celebrity that doesn't take well to hearing "no" for an answer happens to get a bit rapey with a commoner. Just because the lawyer has extra motivation to take the case doesn't mean the situation never happened.
  12. Probably the Bucs tbh, worked well for them Obviously an outlier - getting the GOAT QB, the GOAT TE, and a handful of other high level players for non-crippling price-tags aren't exactly annual occurrences. The Fins seem to win the offseason every couple years and look how that has worked for them.