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  1. Yes. Though it probably didn't help that they played a lovable losers franchise that I'd reckon most non-Jets and maybe non-Pats fans don't mind seeing them have their moment
  2. Trade Cryrie for Westbrick just for the nostalgia
  3. Does anyone refer to the University of Michigan as Michigan U? University of Florida as Florida U? Can't think of any precedent tbh The Florida school is referred to just Miami because it is the first school that comes to mind when talking about schools named Miami unless you are from Ohio maybe. Obviously have "The U" as trendy branding and "UM" as shorthand in South Florida (though it is likely gonna get confused for Michigan in most other locales that don't have anyother "UM")
  4. Seattle and Vegas are the only options here lol @ even considering KC, Pittsburgh, Norfolk etc. NBA doesn't need even more markets that their players don't even want to play in and will whine themselves out of at first opportunity
  5. That US Postal Service flat-brim snapback would look so fresh paired with my US Department of Housing and Urban Development bomber jacket
  6. No way. If Messi does come over it's certainly to play for Inter Beckham United. Outside chance for New York or LAFC
  7. Certainly not "Design that inspires"
  8. Yeah and even though most of them have their geographic name in there too people rarely use it (think the "of Anaheim" part of Los Angeles Angels) As weird as it is from a Western perspective to see the corporate names there first it would be even weirder as a casual follower of NPB to see Kobe Tigers, Tokyo Giants (yes, I know foreigners love to call them that but still) etc.
  9. Adam Silver punching the air that he couldn't do this first
  10. Dr Pepper has always had mediocre logos. As long as they stick with that burgundy color it is all they need imo
  11. That TCBY logo looks depressing is that seriously what they use now? FAKE EDIT: Yeah I guess not. Actually a decent look they have now, haven't been to one in probably 20 years
  12. Good choice to bring this back. The old logo may have looked cool back in the 90s/2000s when BK was actually considered cool, but now they are a left-behind brand with a dated logo in a world of better options. Clinging onto that italicized logo really gave that "peaked in high school" look really, while this is cute, fresh, and somehow classic and modern at the same time.
  13. Maybe it is just my screen making the red look pink, but that looks much more Miami Beach than Chicago? If they wanna build an identity around the fire crown thingy instead of the cross they need to pick a better shape to house it in other than generic MLS shield shape