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  1. Eh, at least this one has character. Swap out the fisherman with the lighthouse logo and it becomes a pretty workable - albeit very 90's kitschy - look. The football style jerseys done for the Isles, Stars, Thrashers etc. are devoid of all personality and that makes them considerably worse than something that is merely dated.
  2. I mean, they are 22-11 and just happen to be on a slide when missing AD. Unless their "flaw" is them depending on a guy who gets chronically injured they should be fine, and pending someone else makes a huge move I'm still picking Lakes over the field right now
  3. Yeah, if a wizard comes over and says they can make you a god-tier athlete at any sport and you don't have issues with becoming famous then being an offensive-oriented soccer player would be the best choice. Guys like Messi and Ronaldo are basically at the very top of sports worldwide and as long as you can filter out the negative attention you are absolutely playing life on god-mode.
  4. I don't think so. If you are wondering why Big Cat was trending alongside Tiger it probably had to do with one of the Barstool guys being a dick about the situation (it wasn't Big Cat himself though)
  5. Are they gonna replace ND with a generic brand like FIFA and PES do with teams that they don't have rights to, or will they go totally without? If it is the former and they are just called Shamrock State or whatever I'm sure most won't care (actually probably so for the latter too)
  6. Seems like they got what they wanted in the end though Tenacious Karen-ing succeeds once again!
  7. I really dislike the way they outlined the stars with the tips being flattened. I get that there may have been one or two too many elements in their old logo but this seems like an obvious downgrade all around
  8. This is just Arena League with worse uniforms The streaming aspect is pretty cool I guess, really shows how much of a slog the NFL is when it comes to presentation
  9. This looks like a Barry McCockiner tweet, half expecting to see "tough scene" at the end
  10. How about the 2011 Mavs? I guess Shawn Marion? That team really is an outlier in many ways. and yeah, inb4 JJ Barea
  11. Old crest for reference: I do like the new crest, assuming they use a version sans bottom text for most applications. They probably could have wrapped the text around the circle at the sides instead of dumping it to the bottom but if they rarely use that version and let the main design stand on its own then it doesn't matter much I suppose.
  12. I'd personally just go with Knights but I'm assuming they are gonna go with a blank slate here
  13. Seems to be an unpopular opinions within their fanbase since they changed it back soon after, but QPR's "boutique" crest >>> their classic look or the remake they replaced it with The boutique crest just looks so damn elegant and beautiful, and I can't fault a London-based team to try to dress themselves up as a grand entity. I really love the horizontal bars that call back to their shirts Their current look is fine and decently executed I suppose, but it is just so boring and devoid of personality
  14. Hell, Brady already had 3 rings by the time Megatron was drafted
  15. Some people just exist to be miserable, living their life one grievance at a time.
  16. Nets just look so disjointed out there but they still have to be favorites due to sheer talent and that the refs won't swallow the whistle against Harden until the finals since he doesn't have to play against Lebron or Curry, right? Bucks solved their Bledsoe problem but Giannis and Middleton still need to prove they can wash the chokers' stench away Celtics still have Theis as their best big where their likely path involves Bam, Embiid, Giannis, and Davis. Kemba doesn't look good Heat seem to have come back to earth, though they've been hit hard with absences this season Sixers look really promising if they stay healthy. Just have to avoid Miami in the playoffs Raptors seem to have fallen into that Pacers-level of mediocrity until proven otherwise
  17. The NFL fixed a game's result to be a blowout instead of the classic passing of the torch from the GOAT to the next generation's GOAT who also happens to be very marketable Source: some angry nerd's blogspot
  18. With his 7th ring, Tom Grande has now been confirmed
  19. Greatness on display right there
  20. Not all legends are skinny, I suppose
  21. I know the Wild is a dumb name but trying to bring back the North Stars back in an age where many playing in the league weren't even born yet when they moved feels like a folly - on par with trying to rename the Pelicans the Jazz. Some throwbacks, sure. But the Wild have been around for 20 or so years now, they had their chance to do it then and didn't
  22. They should at least change the score bug's colors to reflect the unis
  23. Not all that comparable tbh (didn't Jonathan Isaac do the same?) Now, his name surely is offensive lmao